Friday, October 16, 2015

CD Review: The Kinks Find Renewed Fame With "Sunny Afternoon"

Back in April of 2014, a musical named "Sunny Afternoon," based on the life of musician Ray Davies premiered in London to rave reviews. Ray Davies was the band leader of the sixties British rock band, The Kinks, who found massive success early in their career with their hit single "You Really Got Me." On October 16, the BMG record label has gathered the original Kinks' songs featured in the musical to release a new "greatest hits" collection entitled "Sunny Afternoon: The Very Best Of The Kinks." Unlike other retrospective releases, "Sunny Afternoon" contains some of their lesser known hits, along with BBC studio versions and interviews with the band that were hand-picked by Davies to be included in this set.
Disc one begins with the first ever single The Kinks every released, "You Still Want Me," which did nothing for the band on the charts back in 1964. Diehard fans of The Kinks will appreciate the inclusion of the early singles "I Gotta Move" and "Just Can't Go To Sleep," before hitting the more widely known hits "A Well Respected Man" and "Till The End Of The Day." In this release, you will rediscover the magic of The Kink's songwriting with pop gems like "This Is Where I Belong" and "This Time Tomorrow." One of the buried treasures of the first disc is a simplified demo version of "I Go To Sleep" from their second album "Kinda Kinks," then they close with "Tired Of Waiting For You" from the same album and "The Moneygoround" from "Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, Part One."
Disc two begins with the title song of the musical (and this compilation), "Sunny Afternoon," followed by some of the best written songs in The Kinks' entire catalog, "Days" and "Waterloo Sunset." A dark-toned demo version of the rarity "Tell Me Now So I Know" is hidden between two up-tempo pop numbers "Who'll Be The Next In Line" and "Starstruck." The second half of the disc contains the BBC interviews and session tracks that were picked to be included by Ray Davies. Highlights include an interview with Dave Davies and his song "Death Of A Clown" performed on BBC radio. The clarity on these recordings showcase the raw power that The Kinks portrayed in the studio.
Since the opening of the musical, "Sunny Afternoon" over a year ago, it has won four Oliver Awards for "Best New Musical" and "Outstanding Achievement In Music." To find out more about this new Kinks' compilation "Sunny Afternoon: The Very Best Of The Kinks," please visit their Facebook page at

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