Saturday, October 31, 2015

CD Review: New Instrumental Releases From Marbin, Slivovitz And Dwiki Dharmawan

American instrumental jamband Marbin have performed over one thousand shows and sold over 20,000 album since their start in 2011. They have also recently released their fifth album, "Aggressive Hippies" back in October. This four-piece band are looking to re-capture the impact of their live sound on this latest release. This new nine-song set begins with the funky, Red Hot Chili Peppers-like rhythm of "Just Music." They keep the energy going with the jazzier touch of "Y'all Are Good" and the sax-lead adventure to the "African Shabtay." Dani Rabin goes off on the guitar solo of "Juke Joint," before the band locks into the smooth jazz fusion groove of the nearly nine-minute "Morning Star." The album closes with eight-minutes of thunderous rock in "Jambo." To find out more about Marbin and their latest release "Aggressive Hippies," please visit their Facebook page at

From Naples, Italy comes the return of Slivovitz with their new album "All You Can Eat." After four years, this seven-piece jazz fusion band are coming back to claim their crown as the "masters of progressive gypsy eclectic jazz." Their new eight-song release begins with steady flow of "Persian Night," highlighted by the brass duo of Ciro Riccardi (trumpet) and Pietro Santagelo (tenor & alto sax). As the band slowly draws you in with their jazz/rock sound, violinist Riccardo Villari leads the way with "Mani In Faccia." Slivovitz brings together the big King Crimson-like sound to "Passannante" then tip-toes gentle around "Barotrauma." The album finishes with the funky trip of "Currywuster" and the seven-minute jazz fusion build-up of "Oblio." To find out more about Slivovitz and their new album "All You Can Eat," please visit their Facebook page at

Indonesian musician Dwiki Dharmawan will make his MoonJune Records debut with a new album titled "So Far So Close." With a career that has lasted over thirty years, Dwiki finally brings his expertise and international fame to the U.S. His new eight-song album begins with Dwiki showcasing his skills on the electric piano on the seven-minute opener "Arafura." He adds some shouts of "hey" to the Pink Floydian-feel of "So Far So Close" as Tohpati ignites the fire with his guitar playing. Dwiki takes the lead on the progressive rocker "The Dark Of The Light," before combining elements of jazz/rock/funk that lead you on a nine-minute journey within "Jambrana's Fantasy." The album closes with the uplifting, atmospheric keyboards of "The Return Of Lamafa." To find out more about Dwiki Dharmawan and his new album "So Far So Close," please visit

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