Wednesday, October 7, 2015

CD Review: New Music From Indie-Bands Turbine, Oak Street Blues, SubGroove, Earwax And Pop4

From New York City comes the new full-length album from the indie-rock band Turbine titled "Shakin' Off The Shock." The album was produced by Grammy winner John Davis (The Black Keys) and features the band's mixing of vintage instruments with state-of-the-art technology, like the use of a 3-D printed custom harmonica microphone. The new eleven-song release begins with "Hard Way To Make An Easy Living," which has a smooth pop rock sound with great lyrics. Their music get a little funkier with "Trouble In A Bottle," then Turbine brings out their highlighted true with the southern rock sound of "Mystic Wanderer." They get the body moving with the strong funk bass groove of "Stereo (Advance The Dance)," before bringing back the harder rock rhythm of "Black Limousine." The album finishes up with the classic seventies funk feel of "Golden City In The Sky" and the gentle delivery of "Chateau le Puy." Turbine have some shows scheduled around the New England area. To find out more about Turbine and their new album "Shakin' Off The Shock," please visit

L.A. band Oak Street Blues return with their latest album "Back Again" as the band look to grow their music base with their own brand of alt-country music. The new six-song release begins with the light-hearted, up-tempo "All The Pretty Girls," while their early influences shine through on the attractive, mid-tempo "Beautiful Tonight." The Oak Street Blues go all-out classic country on "Doing The Best" and "Girls With Boots," before finishing with the slow, campfire swing of "Bright Eyes." To find out more about Oak Street Blues and their latest release "Back Again," please visit

From Southern Florida comes the new self-titled, self-released debut album from the funk/rock band SubGroove. Their music borrows many different aspects from their early influences and mixes them together to create some uniquely enjoyable tunes. The new ten-song release begins with the nineties alternative pop of "Just Keep Running Away," then their music gives off a Living Colour vibe with "Slide You Up." Their sound ventures in jazz with modern R&B/funk feel of "(I'll Be) Moving On," and then crossbreeds Prince with Red Hot Chili Peppers-type rock into "While The Sun Shines." They quicken the pace with the strong bass groove of "The Money Cries (When You Smile)," before closing with the seven-minute blues of "Where You Belong." To find out more about SubGroove, please visit their website at

From Brooklyn, NY comes the new debut album from the Coffman brothers, known together as Earwax. The new album, "It Was No One," begins with the acoustic folk story of "Arise The Worm." They pour their honest feelings in the dark tone of "Joy To The World" and "No Regret," before opening up their sound to the folk/blues of "The Third." The delivery of "Long Way To Go" is simply, but it's Americana feel is a highlight of the album. They venture into the alt-country appeal of "Find My Way," then close the album with the wonderful nine-minute, acoustic-rock built-up story of "If This Is A Man." To find out more about Earwax and their new album "It Was No One," please visit

Rising pop/rock band Pop4 recently released their latest album "Summer" back in August. With the band members spread throughout the U.S., many different influences are brought into the music, which gives their sound a style all its own. The new sixteen-song release begins with the brightening harmonies of "I Will Become Love," which leads into the light pop feel of "Beautiful." They get into a more rock groove with "Blow Wind Blow," then bring their influence of Electric Light Orchestra into the up-tempo "Einstein And Sunshine." Pop4 give a nod to sixties pop music with "Jaded" and "Straight To My Head" as they simplify their music to create a vintage sound. The album finishes with the raw rock feel of "You Love Me" and the gentle touch of "Dust." To find out more about Pop4 and their latest album "Summer," please visit

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