Saturday, October 17, 2015

DVD Review: The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson Displays His Secret Past In "Love & Mercy" Movie

One of the greatest movies to be released this year is "love & mercy," based on the life of Beach Boys' Brian Wilson. This heartfelt emotional delivery of this musical mastermind will have you realizing the obstacles that Wilson overcame to get his music out to his fans. The movie was recently released on Blu-ray and DVD through Lionsgate and is the perfect opportunity for you to see the outstanding performances of John Cusack and Paul Dano as the musical icon, Brian Wilson.

The movie deals with the difficult times in Wilson's life as the lead songwriter of the Beach Boys and latter on in his life, when he hit a low point in his existence after his metal breakdown. Paul Dano does an amazing job as the young Beach Boy, creating the masterpiece "Pet Sounds" and pushing the boundaries of pop music with his follow-up musical adventure "Smile." There are many iconic moments in Wilson's life that are handled in a delicate, but emotional way by Academy Award-nominated director Bill Pohlad. The film deals with the studio confrontations delicately, but beautifully between Wilson and fellow Beach Boy Mike Love (Jake Abel) and with Wilson's father Murray Wilson (Bill Camp) as it laid the groundwork for his metal instability, which leads to Cusack's career defining performance.

The darkness and light in Brian Wilson's life are given faces as actors Paul Giamatti (Dr. Eugene Landy) and Elizabeth Banks (Melinda Ledbetter) wonderfully portray these real-life characters. Even though you already know the outcome of the story, you still can't help your emotions getting involved with the life of this musical mastermind. One of my personal favorite touches is the actual concert footage of Brian Wilson performing his song "Love & Mercy" to show how he overcame the difficulties in his life to continue to be a musical legend. To find out more about the home video release of "love & mercy," please visit

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