Thursday, November 19, 2015

CD Review: Grateful Dead Comrades Spin Circles Around The Sun During "Interludes"

Guitarist Neal Casal (Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, Chris Robinson Brotherhood) was asked by filmmaker Justin Kreutzman, son of Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann to create five hours of music to play during the intermission of the final farewell shows of the Grateful Dead this past summer. So Casal, along with fellow musicians Adam MacDougall, Dan Horne and Mark Levy accomplished the task with a two-day jam session in the studio, which was recorded live by engineer J.P. Hesser.
With so much success from the Grateful Dead's "Fare They Well" concerts, attendees blew up the online forums, asking about the music performed during the intermission of the shows. Due to high demand, the band known as Circles Around The Sun will release a double-album titled " Interlude For The Dead" on November 27th through Rhino Records. The new release features over two hours of highlights from those recordings, beginning with the twenty minute mild-groove of "Hallucinate A Solution" sparked by some spacey guitar from Casel. They bring in the funk to "Gilbert's Groove," which contains some elements of late-seventies Grateful Dead vibes, while "Kasey's Bones" is a light-hearted, up-tempo piece to enjoy. Circles Around The Sun lock in together right away for "Ginger Says" and have fun exploring their sound with the twenty-five minute "Farewell Franklin." The ten track album closes with the familiar, mellow walk of "Hat And Cane" and the gentle acoustic touch of "Mountains Of The Moon." To find out more about this amazing new release from Circles Around The Sun, please visit

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