Tuesday, November 3, 2015

CD Review: Mike Oldfield And Nik Turner Take A Trip Into "Space" With New Releases

Back in 1979, musician/composer Mike Oldfield was asked to score Tony Palmer's "The Space Movie" to celebrate the 10th anniversary of man landing on the moon. It was named the best British film at Cannes movie festival in 1980 by distinguished film critic Alexander Walker. The soundtrack combines Oldfield's spectacular composition with voice-overs from President Kennedy, NASA and the astronauts to create a space soundtrack that has never been rivaled. On October 16th, the soundtrack to "The Space Movie" was released for the first time on CD along with a director's cut of the film. The symphonic sound that flows from your speakers is easy to enjoy, but to really feel the impact of the music, it must be heard along with the visual documents to a join it. Buzz Aldrin has paid homage to the film when he introduced it at a gala screening in Hollywood in 2008. The film and it's soundtrack should be considered important pieces in U.S. history. The soundtrack features orchestral versions of Oldfield's signature "Tubular Bells" and "Hergest Ridge." From the moment you press "play," you will listen intently to the steps going forward to accomplish this amazing feat by man and Oldfield's soundtrack will guide you on this tour through space history in the making. To find out more about this newly released version of "The Space Movie" soundtrack, please visit gonzomultimedia.co.uk.
English musician Nik Turner was one of the founding members of the space-rock band Hawkwind and has since continued on with a successful solo career. On October 16th, Nik Turner released his seventh solo album titled "Space Fusion Odyssey" through Cleopatra Records. He is joined by some of his friends on this release, including Robby Krieger (The Doors), Steve Hillage (Gong) and John Etheridge (Soft Machine) just to name a few. The new album arrives in two formats, the six-song vinyl release and the ten-song CD release. Both albums begin with the progressive space-rock instrumental "Adjust The Future" as Turner blasts his way through the electrifying guitar solo provided by Hillage. The dual guitars of Robby Krieger and Megadeth's Chris Poland on "Hypernova" do a masterful job supporting Turner's exploring sax solo. Legendary jazz drummer Billy Cobham lends his talents to the spaced out jazz fusion of "Pulsar," before Steve Hillage rejoins Turner for the explosive prog-rock feel of "An Elliptical Galaxy." The bonus tracks on the CD begin with "We Come In Peace," which plays out like a twelve-minute alien rock soundtrack. Turner gets funky with the horns on "Interstellar Clouds," before finishing with the grounded appeal of "Random Acts (Revisited)," featuring the work of The Fusion Syndicate. To find out more about Nik Turner and his latest album "Space Fusion Odyssey," please visit cleorecs.com.

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