Wednesday, November 25, 2015

CD Review: "Montage Of Heck" Soundtrack Delivers Kurt Cobain's Home Recordings

Earlier this year, HBO premiered the documentary “Montage Of Heck,” about the life and times of Kurt Cobain, lead singer and guitarist for the band Nirvana. Director Brett Morgan opened up fans eyes as to the struggles and desires that Cobain dealt with when superstardom overtook his life. The film, based on home movies and interviews with family and friends allowed you see how Cobain's life transitioned from rock fan to rock god.

Universal Music Group is releasing this documentary in a Super Deluxe box set which includes a Blu-ray and a DVD of the documentary with over 45 minutes of bonus interviews. Also included in this set is the much sought after soundtrack, which features 31 home recordings and demos that Cobain made on his own, including demos of “Been A Son” and “Something In The Way,” as well as a rare cover of The Beatles “And I Love Her.” The soundtrack comes along on CD and cassette with a 160-page hardcover book that contains extended interviews with some of Cobain’s never-before seen drawings and photographs.

The soundtrack begins with Cobain messing around with a tape recorder as he creates "The Yodel Song" from an acoustic guitar jam that may have become a piece of Nirvana magic. Kurt was always experimenting with his music to create a new sound as he displays in the "Reverb Experiment." You can hear Cobain at his rawest with the wonderful songwriting of "Desire" and "Sappy," which would evolve to become the Nirvana blast "Verse Chorus Verse." The 31-song deluxe edition of the soundtrack closes with the dark tone of "Poison's Gone" and ten minutes of the tape recorder running for Cobain to capture his song experiments during "Do Re Mi - Medley." To find out more about the many different releases for "Montage Of Heck," please visit

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