Monday, November 23, 2015

CD Review: New Anticipated Releases From Rocker Jeff Lynne's ELO And Producer Extraordinare BOOTS

British rock band Electric Light Orchestra began back in 1970 by musicians Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood. Their music combined pop rock anthems with classical overtures to create a truly unique sound. They had multiple top ten albums in the U.S. during the seventies as Lynne became the lead singer and primary songwriter of the band. After a brief reunion in 2001, ELO has been out of commission for over ten years, until Lynne and long-time keyboardist Richard Tandy teamed up for a couple of live shows. These shows led to Jeff Lynne entering the studio for a brand new ELO album that was released on November 13th through Columbia Records. The new album titled "Alone In The Universe" begins with the lead single "When I Was A Boy," which finds Lynne being influenced by all his recent production efforts with former members of The Beatles and Tom Petty. Lynne handles most of the music on the album as he showcases his blues guitar chops on "Love And Rain" and brings back that classic ELO seventies sound in "Dirty To The Bone." The harmonizing on "All My Life" is amazing and gives more emotion to the song's meaning, before closing the album with the rock ballad "Alone In The Universe" as Jeff Lynne's ELO is the perfect link to band's classic sound. To find out more about the new album "Alone In The Universe," please visit
American producer, singer, songwriter, musician, rapper Jordan Asher recently released his debut solo album for Columbia Records under the pseudonym BOOTS. The new album titled "AQUARIA" follows quickly on the heels of his 2015 film "Motorcycle Jesus," which was written, directed and scored by BOOTS. The new eleven-song album begins with electronic thumps of "Brooklyn Gamma" as BOOTS flexes his songwriting muscle to create some unique textures. The beats are big on "Oraclies" as BOOTS shows us his singing voice, while "Bombs Away" has a dark tone that allows him to experiment with his sounds. He modernizes the funk in "I Run Roulette," then brings in a stripped down feel to "Aquaria," like an electronic Jack White. The album finishes with the rhythm heavy thunder of "Earthquake" and the atmospheric soundscape of "Still." To find out more about Boots and his new album "AQUARIA," please visit his Facebook page at

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