Tuesday, November 10, 2015

CD Review: New Music Imports Feature Returns From Cutting Crew, Thor and Saber Tiger

English rockers Cutting Crew were a big hit on the music scene with their 1986 debut album "Broadcast" and top-selling single "(I Just) Died In Your Arms." Since then, the band has not been able to capture that same success and they ended up disbanding in 1993. After finding out their music has a nostalgic appeal that fans of the eighties have been in love with, Cutting Crew reunited in 2005 for a successful tour and new album. Now, ten years later, Cutting Crew are releasing their first album of new material in ten years. The new album titled "Add To Favourites," was released at the beginning of October through Cherry Red Records. The album's lead single "Til The Money Run$ Out" has that classic eighties pop appeal that fans will instantly grab hold of as it signals a return to greatness for Cutting Crew. The strength of their songwriting comes through on the pop ballad "Berlin In Winter" and they bring in the blues for the heartfelt delivery of "Keep On Lovin' You." They stick to the slow, gentle sway of "Already Gone" and "As Far As I Can See," before returning to the fun, pop of "Biggest Mistake Of My Life" and the acoustic love letter "(She Just Happened To Be) Beautiful." To find out more about Cutting Crew and their new album "Add To Favourites," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/CuttingCrewMusic.

From north of the border comes the latest release from Canadian hard rock superhero Thor titled "Metal Avenger." It was released on October 30th through Deadline Music in association with Cleopatra Records and features some guest appearances from fellow head-bangers. This new album caps off a return to glory from Thor as a deluxe reissue of the album "Unchained" was released earlier this year and a new documentary titled "I Am Thor" received rave reviews. The new fifteen-song release begins with "Out Of Control" as each song is a chapter in the story of Thor defeating the overlords of the planet Psykon. The music gets heavier with the help of Fast Eddie Clarke (Motorhead) on lead guitar for the title-song "Metal Avenger" as lead singer Jon Mikl settles into his role. Vocalist Henry Rollins lends his talents to "Master Of Revenge" as Rollins and Mikl trade verses on this hard-hitting tune, while Brian Forsythe (Kix) helps turning "Destruct" into an arena rocker. Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French electrifies with the heavy riffs of "The Hammer" and Cheetah Chrome (The Dead Boys) delivers a reckless punk feel to "Drive." The album closes with the mystical approach to the theme song of "Atomic Man" and the power ballad "Law Of The Universe." To find out more about Thor and the new album "Metal Avenger," please visit cleorecs.com.

Japanese heavy metal band Saber Tiger will be celebrating their 35th anniversary next year and in honor of that accomplishment, Deadline Records in association with Cleopatra Records will release the band's first greatest hits set. They broke onto the heavy metal scene with their 1997 major label debut album "Project One" and have never looked back. The band has had over 30 different members with Akihito Kinoshita leading the way on guitar. The new album features a dozen songs taken from the band's three most successful albums ("Messiah Complex," "Decisive" and "Paragraph IV"). Beginning with the song "Messiah Complex," Saber Tiger arrived with a chip on their shoulder as the songs from this album showcased a heavier thrash metal sound. Half of the songs on this "greatest hits" compilation are taken from the "Decisive" album as their songs begin to take on a more progressive metal sound as with "At The Front" and "Reminiscence." The last three songs on this release are from their 2011 album, "Paragraph IV" and have the most mainstream metal appeal as Saber Tiger look to continue strong right up until their 40th anniversary. To find out more about "The Best Of Saber Tiger," please visit cleorecs.com.

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