Monday, November 9, 2015

CD Review: New Releases From Children's Artists Laurie Bernker And Greg Page of The Wiggles

If anyone has had a child in the last decade, then you may know the names Laurie Berkner and The Wiggles. She is the all-time best selling children's recording artist and her music has appeared on a number of pre-school television shows. The Wiggles became a national phenomenon as their television program sold millions of copies on DVD and their live shows sold out across America. Both of their original songs were so catchy and addictive that you would find yourself singing them in your head, even without your kids around.
The Laurie Berkner Band released their first album in 1997 ("Whadya Think Of That") and have since found their way into the hearts of children everywhere. Berkner explains that her music is recorded in a major key at 100 to 120 beats per minute to keep the rhythm at a walking or marching pace for kids to enjoy. Two Tomatoes Records in association with Razor & Tie just released a two-disc "greatest hits" set titled "Laurie Berkner's Favorite Classic Kids' Songs." It features 57 classic children's songs mixed with some of Berkner's originals, lasting over two hours. All of the memorable songs are here, "The Wheels On The Bus," "There's A Hole In The Bucket" and "O Susannah" and this is only on the first disc. Other like "Shoo-Fly," 'The Ants Go Marching" and "If You're Happy And You Know It" will have the same lasting impact your kids that it had on you, but with the wonderful voice of Laurie Berkner to enjoy. The six bonus tracks that are featured in this set are some of Laurie Berkner's originals that have become recent well-known children tunes thanks to the televisions programs on Nick Jr. Songs like "Victor Vito" and "We Are The Dinosaurs" have easily found there place alongside some of the all-time great original children's songs. This set should be a part of every parents playlist for their child as Berkner's voice is very pleasing and hard to resist enjoying. With over two hours of music, you can rest assure that this will keep the energy  fun as your child as you both continue to grow to enjoy these timeless songs. To find out more about this new release from the Laurie Berkner Band, please visit
Entertainer Greg Page was the original yellow Wiggle, but retired from the group due to an illness. He now returns with his first Christmas album titled "Here Comes Christmas!" It features 22 holiday songs, including three originals and as a bonus, the CD also features four songs from his new DVD children's series "Butterscotch's Playground." His new original Christmas songs are presented at the beginning of the new release and instantly remind you of his time in The Wiggles. The music of "Here Comes Christmas!" and "Christmas Bells" are fun and up-tempo to help get you into the holiday spirit. Then Greg dives into more traditional Christmas songs like the "Jingle Bells" and "Winter Wonderland." He has fun with "Dominick The Donkey" and "Feliz Navidad," while mixing in the more serious classics of "Silent Night" and "O Come All Ye Faithful." The four bonus songs are a nice introduction to his new series "Butterscotch's Playground" as they have a light-hearted, energetic appeal to them. To find out more about Greg Page's new Christmas album "Here Comes Christmas!," please visit his facebook page at

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