Sunday, November 29, 2015

DVD Review: Frankie Banali Keeps The Spirit Of Quiet Riot Alive With New Documentary

Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali had a dream since 1983 to make the ultimate Quiet Riot documentary. He did not know when he was going make this film, but circumstances over the past decade have forced him to make the award winning documentary "QUIET RIOT: Well Now You're Here, There's No Way Back." It is a love letter to his band, Quiet Riot and what they accomplished in heavy metal music, becoming the first heavy metal band to have a #1 album.

The film begins with the early days of the band when Kevin Dubrow was the ultimate frontman and Randy Rhodes was this young guitar virtuoso to a band that was this rising west coast underground metal band. Fellow rockers and fans of the band like Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Eddie Trunk (That Metal Show) and Stephen Adler (Guns N Roses) praise the band's tenacity for success. The friendship between drummer Frankie Banali and singer Kevin Dubrow was the foundation of was was to come from this band ready to take over. From the US Festival in 1983 to 1988, five short years, life was great for Quiet Riot at the top of the charts, but their excess of alcohol, drugs and sex were to the extreme. Director Regina Russell delicately touches upon the death of Kevin Dubrow in 2007 and the effect it had on his family and friends. The amazing thing is how grounded Frankie Banali has become as a person after his life in Quiet Riot. Whether its the love of his daughter or his hobby of collecting Japanese artifacts, Frankie Banali is a complete person and at peace with his rock 'n' roll lifestyle past and uncertain rock 'n' roll future.

A great piece of this movie is the reconstruction of Quiet Riot since the death of Dubrow. Finding new lead singer Mark Huff in 2010, Banali had high hopes for the band, but the Las Vegas show the following year was the last straw for that current line-up. It's a touching moment when Frankie Banali visits the gravesite of Kevin Dubrow and as luck would have it, Quiet Riot finds their new lead singer with Scott Vokoun and all was good again, until he was also replaced by singer Jizzy Pearl. As they say, the story continues. To find out more about this award winning documentary, please visit

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