Thursday, December 24, 2015

Book Review: The History Of The Doors Told In Glorious Pictures

The Doors were one of the quintessential bands of the late 60's and their existence as a band has been over analyzed in numerous books. So why do we need another book on the history of The Doors, the reason is that this newly published book, "The Doors The Illustrated History" has all the facts and photos to make any fan excited. Author Gillian G. Gear tells the entire story of the band's history through interviews and his own investigation as to what happened to The Doors in their short seven years of existence.
Like all stories about The Doors, you need to start with their leader, Jim Morrison. Gear briefly touches upon each of the band member's childhood before the band came together in late 1965. After overtaking the California club scene, The Doors would create one of the biggest selling debut albums of all-time in 1967. In this this book, each of The Doors eight albums gets examined by a different music historian as to the recording and impact the album had in The Doors developing their musical landscape.
While the story is only half of what is book has to offer, it's the hundreds of black & white/color photographs and artwork that made The Doors more that just a music act. Jim Morrison was the ultimate frontman and a model for the new movement in music that was happening in the sixties. His good looks and amazing stage presence is captured in many of these unpublished photos. These great concert posters that they show can only be matched by the artwork of the Grateful Dead, as The Doors could definitely be considered a band for the stoner and free spirit.
While the death of Jim Morrison may have closed out a chapter in the band's career, Gear continues to uncover the workings of the remaining members of The Doors as they tried to continue on without their leader. After two more studio albums, Ray Manzarek, John Densomore and Robby Krieger called it quits in 1973, but that would not be the end of The Doors. The book also dives into the aftermath of The Doors legacy, when they were inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame by Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder and when Krieger and Manzarek toured as The Doors of the 21st Century.
As new musical discoveries of The Doors continue to be released, whether its a live album or a new documentary, The legacy of The Doors will continue to live on long after every member of the band has moved on. This book tells the perfect story as to why The Doors' music and images will live on forever and why they are one of the best rock bands to have ever walked the earth. To find out more about "The Doors: The Illustrated History," please visit

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