Sunday, December 6, 2015

Book Review: Rediscover The Rise Of Country Superstar Garth Brooks

Country artist Garth Brooks is considered by many to be the most successful male in country music and he is definitely one of the best selling artists of all-time. His "Double-Live" album is one of the top-ten biggest selling albums of all time and he has numerous Grammy and Country Music Awards, but how did the career of this megastar begin. A recently published book titled "Garth Brooks: The Illustrated Story" is the perfect place to start.

Author Andrew Vaughan digs deep into the inspiration behind Brooks' success in music, beginning with his upbringing in Oklahoma. He talks about Garth Brooks' early inspirations like John Wayne, Billy Joel and George Strait, giving each their own section as Vaughan pulls in quotes from Brooks about their importance to his development. Brooks' move to Nashville would be the start of his rise to fame as he would work his way up the ranks on the local Nashville music scene.

Each of Garth Brooks' studio albums get their own special section in the book that goes through the history of its recording and its impact on country music. One of the great things about Garth Brooks is his love for classic rock, naming Queen and Kiss as some of his all-time favorites and his attempt to bring both genres together. The book continues through Brooks' rise to fame and as soon as he hits the heights of country music's elite, he decides to create an alter ego, Chris Gaines, and try his hand at a straight up rock album, which Brooks was very passionate about.

The book is filled with many unpublished photos of Garth Brooks, from his early days of fame without his signature cowboy hat to all the award show appearances. The stunning live shots are great to see as Brooks' was one of the premier live acts on the road with his signature radio microphone attached to his head. The book goes as far to cover his retirement from music in 2000 and his return in 2014 with the chart topping "Man Against Machine" album. Andrew Vaughan does an outstanding job bringing together the facts for the true story of the rise of Garth Brooks. To find out more about "Garth Brooks: The Illustrated Story," please visit

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