Wednesday, December 23, 2015

CD Review: Audio Fidelity Cleans Up Alice Cooper's "Muscle Of Love"

The original Alice Cooper band created seven magical albums together between 1969-1973. They reached the pinnacle as a band with the chart topping album "Billion Dollar Babies" and were looking to keep that success going with their follow-up album "Muscle Of Love." This would be the last album with the original band and it features a mix of musical styles. From the hard rock attack of "Muscle Of Love" to the seventies pop/rock feel of "Never Been Sold Before," on to the ballad "Hard Hearted Alice" to the big band New Orleans jazz feel of "Crazy Little Child." They parted ways following what was supposed to be a short hiatus as Alice Cooper grew apart from the rest of the band and decided to just go on as a solo artist. 
Audio Fidelity has accepted the task of remastering the "Muscle Of Love" in Quad Multichannel 4.0. It is almost hard to think that this album is one of the perfect subjects for this remaster process as the music is very basic, but at the same time, there is so much to listen to. The horns in "Never Been Sold Before" and "Man With The Golden Gun" just pop from the speakers and the dual guitars of "Working Up A Sweat" each has it's own space to breath in this new remastered version. Steve Hoffman and Stephen Marsh once again do an amazing job with the new production of the sound on this album. To find out more about this new remastered version of Alice Cooper's "Muscle Of Love," please visit

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