Sunday, December 20, 2015

CD Review: Creed Brings Together Their Hits For New Career "Retrospective"

The American rock band Creed have released only four albums (three went platinum) and topped the rock singles chart numerous times in their sporadic 18 years together. Their 1997 debut album "My Own Prison" came right at the end of the alternative/grunge wave, as Creed successfully combined elements of grunge with an arena-like hard rock sound to create another branch in the tree of rock evolution. To celebrate their accomplishments and to re-introduce Creed to a new generation of music listeners, Concord Music Group gathered 40 songs from Creed's back catalogue of hits and rarities in order to release "With Arms Wide Open: A Retrospective." It was released digitally and on CD on November 20th, although the 3CD set is only available as a Wal-Mart exclusive.

The first disc collects 16 of Creed's greatest hits beginning with "My Own Prison." Many of the singles on this first disc are the radio edits including "My Sacrifice" and "One Last Breath." The chart topping "With Arms Wide Open" is a newly recorded version with strings and the song "Rain" is a pop mix, a different version than what is on the album "Full Circle." Fans will be drooling over the second disc which features a mixture of 11 rarities, demos and soundtrack songs. This is were you really get a feel for the band's true, hard rock sound. Songs like "Bound And Tied" and "Young Grow Old" showcase a band that is still hungry for success and acceptance. This disc also features their covers of Alice Cooper's "I'm Eighteen" and The Doors "Riders On The Storm" and "Roadhouse Blues," from Woodstock '99 and features Doors' guitarist Robbie Krieger. The three previously unreleased demos are definitely a welcome edition to their catalog, especially the guitar driven "More Than This."

The third disc collects 13 of Creed's hits done acoustically as everything gets stripped away and you can appreciate the band's core sound. It mixes together live versions of the songs "My Sacrifice," "To Whom It May Concern" and "Rain" with studio versions of "Don't Stop Dancing" and "What's This Life For." Some of the live versions of "One" and "Higher" are a little rough, but gives their music an authenticity that made them an exceptional live act. All of the members of Creed remain active in the music community and when the time calls for it, a tour or new studio album will be accepted by their fans "With "Arms Wide Open." To find out more about Creed and their new retrospective 3-disc set, please visit

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