Wednesday, December 9, 2015

CD Review: New Albums From These Outstanding Female Singer/Songwriters

American folk duo The Chapin Sisters recently released their new album "Today's Not Yesterday," their first release of original material in five years. Their last album "A Date With The Everly Brothers," made its way up the Billboard Heatseekers chart and they look to repeat that accomplishment with this new album. It features 12 songs, mostly written in New York, and recorded in sunny Los Angeles. Beginning with the slow sway of "Autumn," you instantly fall in love with their harmonies. They add a pop element to the up-tempo acoustic strumming of "Angelino" and their emotional delivery of "Getaway" has The Chapin Sisters working in perfect unison for success. They bring in the blues for "Child," before swinging to the country sounds of "Love Come Back." The album finishes up with the gentle touch of "There Will Be A Time" as their voices soar in unison and the country/folk sing-along of "We Will Not Stop." To find out more about The Chapin Sisters and their new album "Today's Not Yesterday," please visit

Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Diana Catherine will be releasing her fifth studio album "Gossip In The Devil's Radio" this December. It was produced by Bud Snyder (The Allman Brothers Band, Gov't Mule) and features members of The Allman Brothers Band, Dickey Betts' band, Robby Krieger's band and Butch Trucks' band. Diana has become a force on the touring circuit for the last ten years and she is looking to build upon her success with this new album. It begins with the bluesy swing of "Devil At My Door" and the laid-back southern rocker "Birdman" as Diana's vocals and guitar are on fire. She heads to the country with the acoustic, campfire vibe of "Moonlight" and "Not For Long," before picking the tempo back up with the guitar driven "Should Have Seen You Coming." She closes her new twelve-song album by combining her love for the blues and country music with"Down." To find out more about Diana Catherine and her new album "Gossip In The Devil's Radio," please visit

Canadian singer/songwriter Jennifer Budd recently released her debut album titled "Lip Service." It features ten songs that allows Jennifer to flex her vocals as she puts on a display with the powerful vocal delivery of "Church." She delivers the R&B flavor to "In America" and she adds some soul to the album with "Revivalist." Her songwriting takes center stage for the quick two-minute pop story of "The Colonial," before slowing down for the piano ballad "Love Means," which allows Jennifer to let her vocals soar. The album finishes with the sultry, sexy sound of "Le Tigre" and the vocal expression of "In The Morning." To find out more about Jennifer Budd and her new album "Lip Service," please visit

Canadian folk artist Lynne Hanson recently teamed up with her backing band, The Good Intentions, to release her new album "7 Deadly Spins." It features seven songs that pushes the boundaries of what you may think folk music should sound like, beginning with the dark, bluesy sound of "Gravedigger" and continuing with the equally dark lyrics of "My Mamma Said." The gentle, sweet sounds of "Cecil Hotel" tells the story of a wanted man waiting to be caught for his crimes. Her storytelling lyrics paints a full picture in your mind as with "Black Widow" and closes the album with the quick-paced rockabilly feel of "First One's Free." To find out more about Lynne Hanson & The Good Intentions, please visit

One of Nashville's newest rising pop stars is Daphne Willis and she recently released her latest album "Get It," filled with pop hooks and catchy rhythms. Beginning with "Done With Being Done" you can't help but get drawn into her attractive vocals and fun, up-tempo style of music. She is sure to have a hit on the pop charts with "TMI," while "Soul Thang" shows her depth as an artist as visits her R&B side. The short six-song EP closes with the light, energetic title song, "Get It." To find out more about Daphne Willis and her new album "Get It," please visit

Singer/songwriter Lisa Said recently released her debut EP titled "First Time, Long Time." Born in Egypt, Lisa never forgot her early days in North Africa, before moving to the U.S. as she displays an African rhythm on the opener "Been Around." She looks to combine elements of folk storytelling with exciting rhythms to create some pop gems like "For Today" and the country swing of "Somebody Somebody." The short, five-song release closes with "One Too Many" as Lisa finds her way to your heart with her warming vocals on this six-minute storied ballad. To find out more about Lisa Said and her new album "First Time, Long Time," please visit

From Seattle comes the debut album from singer/songwriter Shelita Burke titled "Transfixed." Her new six-song release has Shelita armed with just a guitar and her voice, which is all that is needed for her to portray the emotions within the songs "Pour" and "Gold." The simplicity of her delivery has you concentrating on her amazing lyrics as you feel as if you are discovering this new talent in a Seattle coffeehouse. She finishes with her nod to Joni Mitchell in the quiet delivery of "Else" and a dance remix of the titled song "Transfixed." To find out more about Shelita Burke and her new EP "Transfixed," please visit

From Chicago comes the latest album from Bri Ingram titled "I Am." It features six songs that mixes together pop, country and jazz that makes her sound spread across many different music genres. Beginning with the country strumming of "Can't Even Cry," she lets loose on this revenge song, then tacks on this sultry country stomper "Bad, Bad Boy."  Her voice excels on the ballad "Save Me" as she wraps you up with her emotional words, before finishing with the up-tempo, jazzy sounds of "Belly Of The Beast." To find out more about Bri Ingram and her latest release "I Am," please visit

Singer/songwriter Bianca Casady is one half of the successful European folk duo CocoRosie with her sister, Sierra. Now Bianca is ready to venture on her own with her new album "Oscar Hocks," which will be released on January 22nd through Atlas Chair music. The new twelve-song release begins with the European flair of "Hay Lofts" as you are introduced to the innocent sounding vocals of Bianca on this gentle treading opener. The sound of this album is great to explore as it is unlike anything in mainstream music, yet Bianca Casady and her backing band The C.I.A. work their experimental folk style magic in the unforgettable "Daisy Chain" and "Roadkill." She adds to the blues of "Poor Deal" as you follow her vocals down the storytelling road. The album finishes with the seven-minute journey to the unknown with "Left Shoe" and the gentle piano ballad "The Empty Room." To find out more about Bianca Casady & The C.I.A. and their new album "Oscar Hooks," please visit their Facebook page at

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