Thursday, December 17, 2015

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music For The New Year

Five new heavy metal music releases arriving early in the new year from underground thrashers Suppressive Fire, Ravensire, Septagon, Fall and Ripper. First up is the debut album from Suppressive Fire titled "Bedlam" and arriving on January 14th. This trio of death metal musicians bring in some of the classic thrash metal sound on the opener "Ceasefire." They also look to overpower you with their energy in "The Hellwraith" and "Thy Flesh Consumed" as their growling vocals and peeling guitar riffs give shots of adrenaline to the music. The machine-gun drumming of "Bayonet Penetration" and quick-pace of "Pyrophoric Blood" showcases the youth and power the Suppressive Fire have to offer their fans. To find out more about Suppressive Fire and their latest release "Bedlam," please visit their Facebook page at
Next up are two new releases arriving in February from Cruz Del Sur Music from the Portuguese metal band Ravensire and the German speed metal band Septagon. Ravensire has the classic sound of the early days of thrash metal as displayed in "Solitary Vagrant" and "Trapped In Dreams," but their new album is highlighted by the three-part "White Pillars Trilogy." It tell the tales of the famed city of Sintra, near Lisbon as the tempo changes in the songs and the excellent musicianship close out the album on a high note. To find out more about Ravensire and their latest album "The Cycle Never Ends," please visit their Facebook page at
Then we arrive at the debut album from Septagon titled "Deadhead Syndicate." It will also be released in February of next year and features nine-songs of exciting thrash metal beginning with the six-minute guitar-driven attack of "Revolt Against The Revolution." The speed quickens with "Exit...Gunfire," but they also show us a softer side with the eerie, dark ballad "Henchman Of Darkness." The album closes with guitars blazing for the title-song "Deadhead Syndicate" and the classic thrash metal appeal of "Secret Silver Panorama Machine." To find out more about Septagon and their new album "Deadhead Syndicate," please visit their Facebook page at

From Texas comes the new self-released album titled "The Insatiable Weakness" from the melodic thrash metal band Fall. This trio features a hard hitting sound with great heavy metal musicianship that leads to the great opener "From Ashes" and the more mainstream metal appeal of "Not Of The Sky." The drums and thrash-like guitar riffs motor through the song "Ever Hollow." Fellow Texas artist Jessie Frye lends her vocals to the wildly attractive sounds of "Harvester," then the Fall look to blow you away with the shear force of "Cinis" and "Soul Ignition." The album finishes with the epic metal sounds of the thunderous "Gods Of Ruin" and strong emotional delivery of "You Were But A Shade." To find out more about Fall and their new album "The Insatiable Weakness," please visit their Facebook page at

Finally in March we get the latest album from the Chilean death metal thrash band Ripper, titled "Experiment Of Existence." Their new 11-song album comes blasting out of the gate with bashing rhythms and blazing guitars of the opener "Magnetic Solar Storms." The instrumental piece "Anatomy Of The Galaxies" showcases the band's exceptional metal musicianship, while the six-minute "Stellar Evolution" displays a more progressive heavy metal sound that will have fans wanting more extended pieces of music from the band. The album finishes up with the speed of "Spherical Energy" and the adrenaline fueled thunder of the closer "Humanity Was Wrong." To find out more about Ripper and their latest release, "Experiment Of Existence," please visit their Facebook page at

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