Wednesday, December 16, 2015

CD Review: New Independent Music Arriving From Around The World

British blues guitarist/singer Andy Gunn recently released his latest single from his 2014 album "Miracle Of Healing." His sound has a modern blues/rock flair as he captures the true essence of the blues in songs like "Brighter Days" and "Freedom Reality." Gunn brings back the sounds of the British blues of the sixties with "Hold On" and prays for salvation in the slow swing of "Miracle Of Healing." The eleven-song album finishes with the classic delta-blues appeal of "Trouble Women" and the ballad "Road That Leads Back Home." To find out more about Andy Gunn and his latest album "Miracle Of Healing," please visit

From New Zealand comes the rising five-piece modern rock band Tablefox with their latest release "Objects." It features ten tracks of up-tempo rockers that are like a breath of fresh air waiting for their break-through on the music charts and this just might be that album. Beginning with the guitar riff rocker "Objects," Tablefox are ready to rock arenas with their huge sound. They slow down slightly for the steady rhythm of "Right Or Wrong," then deliver a big, Coldplay-like sound of "New World." Since their 2013 EP, their songwriting has definitely grown as with the simple, but meaningful lyrics of "Cigarette Glow" and the alternative/pop rock appeal of the album closer "Hold Fire." To find out more about Tablefox and their new album "Objects," please visit their Facebook page at

From Belgium comes the latest innovative rock/orchestral release from Ozark Henry titled "Paramount." It is the artist's eighth studio album and is considered "state of the art" with it's concept of being produced, mixed and mastered in Auro-3D 9.1 immersive sound. The Auro-3D sound allows the listener the most natural experience of how the music should sound. The new fifteen song release begins with the sweeping orchestra of "This Is All I Have" as Henry's vocals are pure and amazing. He takes on David Bowie's "Heores" as an inspirational ballad and continues with the emotional sounds of "Grace." The uplifting feel of "Out Of This World" is also amazing as the music plays in the background with Henry's vocals right up front as if you were in the studio with him. The wonderful piano ballad "At Sea" showcases some of Henry's best songwriting, while "Free Haven" has him utilizing the full orchestra for this album. To find out more about Ozark Henry and his latest album "Paramount," please visit

Singer/songwriter Edward David Anderson recently released his much anticipated follow-up album titled "Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions." It was recorded in his neighbor's studio which resided on Anthony Crawford's 24oo acre estate. Crawford is a former bandmate of Neil Young, and Anderson was unaware that he lived only minutes away from him. The two collaborated on the new nine-song release, which begins with the backyard, country swing of "Firefly" as Anderson's words and voice are hard to resist. He goes all out country on the acoustic strumming and slide guitar of "Sentimental In The Morning," then quickens the pace of the storied southern rocker "Jimmy & Bob & Jack." You get a sense of truth for the lyrics of the ballad "Cried My Eyes Dry" as you feel Anderson's experiences through the song. The album finishes up with slow cowboy sway of "One At A Timin'" and sweet violin and finger-picking of "Sadness." To find out more about Edward David Anderson and his latest album "Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions," please visit

From Toronto, Canada comes the full-length debut album from Paradise Animals titled "Day Bed." It features ten electronic based songs that combines elements of dance, pop and 80's alternative rock music as they base the songs on relationships between family, friends and strangers. Beginning with "Monday Morning," the mood is set with the build-up of rhythms as the song moves along to the playful lyrics as this trio get things underway with this up-tempo pop number. They continue down pop avenue with the eighties synthesizer filled "Tangled Sheets" and supports Kerri Silva on lead vocals with the wonderfully attractive sounds of "Tripping On The Rails." The rhythm fueled "What" is a great experimental piece that works very well with the vocal duet, before finishing with the two part soundscape of "In The Deserts Of The Heart." To find out more about Paradise Animals and their latest album "Day Bed," please visit their Facebook page at

Also from Canada comes the new album from the James Clark Hangover titled "Volume 3." The band's sound is made up of David Clark who has being playing music professionally for over 35 years. He performs all the instruments and does all the singing on this new ten-song release. Beginning with the up-beat rocker "Black Cloud" you get a sense at how talented Clark is a musician. He keeps the energy on high with the post-punk appeal of "Fat City" and the Ramones-sounding "My Jean Jacket." The album finishes with the rock power ballad "Two Kinds Of Lonely" and the raw, Rolling Stones-type blues of "The Boy That Cried Love." To find out more about the James Clark Hangover's latest release "Volume 3," please visit the Facebook page at

Finally we get to the Canadian rock band Pet Sun, who recently released their new three-song EP titled "Shade Driver." The six-minute opening song "Dark Planet" is a mix of grunge and alternative rock, similar to the Smashing Pumpkins as their guitar binged solo send you on a feedback stoner trip. The much shorter "Zenifer" sounds like a Nirvana outtake from the "Bleach" album, while "Mrs. Warp" takes you down the rabbit hole as this song closes the album with a dark, twisted love song. To find out more about Pet Sun and their latest release "Shade Driver," please visit

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