Thursday, December 3, 2015

CD Review: New Industrial Music From VOWWS And Classic Rock Returns With The RAZ Band

The industrial pop duo VOWWS recently released their debut album "The Great Sun" through Cleopatra Records. It features eleven tracks of classic industrial rock rhythms, filled with distortion and dark lyrics. Beginning with the title-song, "The Great Sun," the duo pay homage to the bands that helped pave the way for their brand of music. The music takes on a dark tone with "Against The Gates" and the beats get more intense in "Holy Youth" as the emotion in the lyrics goes cold. The pop sensibility of "Councillor" and the mellow love story of "The Only One" shows the diversity their songwriting. Industrial music legend Gary Numan duets on the intense delivery of "Losing Myself In You," then VOWWS take on Roy Orbison's "Crying" with chilling results. The album closes with the rhythm heavy "Waiting For Me." To find out more about VOWWS and their new album "The Great Sun," please visit their Facebook page at

American rockers The RAZ Band have been performing for over thirty years and have included some of classic rock's elite as it's members. Their new album "Madison Park" has been taking shape over the last few years and includes performances from Joey Molland (Badfinger) on guitar and Joe Vitale (Joe Walsh/The Eagles) on drums. The new album begins with the Springsteen-like rock of "$1.50 For Your Love" and the raw, eighties-rock sound of "What Love Can Do." The RAZ Band pays homage to The Beatles with "Time Marches On" as they include Beatle lyrics and melodies from some of their famous songs. They slow the tempo down of the wonderfully simplistic feel of "You're My Love" and the acoustic sing-along "You're The Magic." The energy picks back up with the fun-sounding "Start Your Engines" and the gritting, guitar-driven "You Don't Know A Thing." The sixteen-song album finishes up with a remake of Badfinger's "Love Me Do" and "Shoot'Em Up" from Joey Vitale's solo album. To find out more about The RAZ Band and their new album "Madison Park," please visit their Facebook page at

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