Wednesday, December 30, 2015

CD Review: New Music From Adara Rae, Vaudevileins, Dead Shakes & Barons Of Hiddenhausen

From Tucson, Arizona comes the debut album titled "Here Comes The Music," from Adara Rae & The Homewreckers. This album features performances from members of the punk bands MxPx and Good Charlotte, as well as premier studio musicians. The new twelve-song release begins with the country rock feel of "Miss Me Like Crazy" and the up-beat, pop-punk appeal of "Want You To Stay" that brings out the best of Adara Rae's vocals. Adara and the band have all the right ingredients for a hit single with "Here Comes The Music" and MxPx bassist Mike Herrera lends a hand on the chorus of "OK To Be OK." She slows the tempo down for the swaying ballad "If You Loved Me" which showcases the full potential of her voice, before closing the album with a live version of "See You Cry" as Adara Rae and the band lock into an alternative rock groove. To find out more about Adara Rae & The Homewreckers, please visit their Facebook page at

From Chicago comes the latest EP from hard rockers the Vaudevileins titled "Transmission." It was released at the beginning of December and features five energetic, rockers that has great modern Foo Fighters-like energy that motors through all the songs. Beginning with "Chasing Time," you instantly realize that this band should be on the radar as one of the new bands to check out in 2016. They slow the tempo down for the harmonizing sing-along of "Snow," before blowing you away with the guitar driven "SOB" and the alternative grunge-like groove of "Transmission." To find out more about Vaudevileins and their latest release "Transmission," please visit

From Tulsa,OK comes the new live album from the garage/punk rock band the Dead Shakes. The new seven-song live album was released by Fuzz Row Records digitally and as a limited edition red cassette. It begins with the high-energy of "Here I Am" as their raw, reckless sound draws in the audience. The driving guitar boogie of "Modern Day Tripper" gives the band a psychedelic edge, while the shake rhythm and grunge-like guitars of "I Know Why" has the band jamming past the six-minute mark. The show closes with the final blast of energy for the punk-like fury of "You Make Me." To find out more about the Dead Shakes and their latest live album "Live At Young Camelot," please visit their Facebook page at

From a bedroom in Vienna, comes the latest release from Barons Of Hiddenhausen titled simply "Bedroom Edits." It features five songs written, recorded and produced by Moritz Kofler in his bedroom studio. He turned off any contact with the outside world and developed some amazingly dark new alt-rock music they will have you wishing for more. Beginning with the chugging guitars of "Realm Of The Edge," his music follows the vein of Nine Inch Nails as displayed in the follow-up song "Pass Trash Station." The hard-hitting, rhythm heavy sound of "Shipwreck Mattress" has an edgier heavy metal sound, while "Witherbitch" closes the album with an all-out assault on your ears with this electronic metal masterpiece. To find out more about the Barons Of Hiddenhausen, please visit

Chicago band, The Bishop's Daredevil Stunt Club look to close out the year with their latest single "The Woman Who Got Old." It features a great up-beat, modern alternative rock sound that tells us the message of being youthful with the start of a new year. To find out more about them, please visit

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