Tuesday, December 8, 2015

CD Review: Newly Released Soundtracks For New "Point Break" Movie And Cult Classic "Cruising"

On December 25th, movie fans will be able to catch the long rumored remake of the Patrick Swayze/Keanu Reeves film "Point Break." Of course, with a new movie, comes a new soundtrack, which will be released three weeks earlier on December 4th through Alcon Sleeping Giant/Caroline. Gone are the songs by Ratt, Concrete Blonde and Sheryl Crow from the original soundtrack and in it's place is a disc filled with rocking rhythms and steady beats. The new thirteen song release begins with one of the only rock songs on the album provided by guitarist Andrew Watt titled "Runaway." The beats begin to flow during the steady flow of "I Need Your Love" from Gareth Thomas and "The Power Of Now" from DJ elite Steve Aoki & Headhunterz. San Diego alternative pop band MRKTS look to bring the energy higher with "Do You Wanna" along with the electronic dance remix of "Take Me Down" from Genevieve. The album finishes with Dig The Kid adding spurts of energy during "Still Breathing" and composer Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL) keeping the rhythm going through the eleven-minute "Point Break End Credits." To find out more about the new soundtrack to the upcoming "Point Break" movie, please visit facebook.com/pointbreakmovie.

The soundtrack to the 1980 cult classic film "Cruising" gets the latest call for the remastered treatment from Audio Fidelity. The soundtrack is a mix of punk rock and disco to capture the essence of this psychological thriller which originally starred Al Pacino. The ten-song release begins and ends with songs from Willy DeVille as "Heat Of The Moment" looks to combine the beats of disco with an edgier rock vibe. The raw punk-like fury of The Cripples "Loneliness" and "Hypnotize" benefits from this new remastered version of the soundtrack as the music is allowed it's space to breathe instead of sounding like one big crash of sound. The two-minute guitar-driven rocker "When I Close My Eyes I See Blood" from Madalynn Von Ritz has a warmer tone as the drums and bass become a bigger factor in the song. The Germs have fun with the blasted of energy of "Lion's Share," before the album finishes with the Tex-Mex, ZZ Top like shuffle of "It's So Easy" from Willy DeVille as his vocals just take over the song. With the many punks songs on this release benefiting from the upgrade, maybe Audio Fidelity will look into more from that genre for future releases. To find out more about the new Super Audio CD release of the "Cruising" soundtrack, please visit audiofidelity.net.

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