Tuesday, December 22, 2015

CD Review: Uriah Heep Is "Totally Driven" By Their New Release

British rock band Uriah Heep are one of the founding bands of the heavy metal genre, alongside Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. They were one of the most successful hard rock bands of the seventies, then became more of a cult band during the eighties, but have since risen back to elite status as they have been named by many of today's rock bands as an early influence. They recently released their first album titled "Totally Driven" on their own label, Uriah Heep Records and it features 27 re-recorded Uriah Heep classics. These songs were originally recorded back in 2001 and was previously released under the titled "Remasters: The Official Anthology." According to founding member Mick Box, these songs were recorded in preparation for the "Acoustically Driven" and "Electrically Driven" concerts that Uriah Heep were performing in 2001. 
This new two-disc set begins with Uriah Heep's first single "Gypsy" and plays out just like a Uriah Heep live show, with rockers like "Return To Fantasy" and "Easy Livin'" mixed along with the magical ballads "Rain" and "Come Away Melinda." The nine-minute epic pieces "July Morning" and "The Golden Palace" are amazing adventures in songwriting as this set allows us to rediscover this wonderfully iconic music. The acoustic strumming of "Different World" and "Love In Silence" showcases the band's diversity in rocking hard or soft. The set closes with Uriah Heep's most well-known song "Lady In Black" as this new version almost sounds better than the original. To find out more about Uriah Heep and their latest release "Totally Driven," please visit uriah-heep.com.

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