Saturday, January 9, 2016

CD Review: David Bowie's New Album Arrives On A "Blackstar"

The "Thin White Duke" surprised fans three years ago when he released his first single ("Where Are We Now?') in over a decade and quickly followed with a new studio album, "The Next Day." Since then, Bowie has been busy, behind the scenes, writing a new stage production titled "Lazarus" and recording a brand new studio album titled "Blackstar," which was released yesterday on his 69th birthday.

The wonderful thing about David Bowie is that he always follows his heart on which direction he wants his music to go and his instincts are never wrong. His latest album features seven songs of electronic jazz/rock avant garde, beginning with the epic ten-minute masterpiece "Blackstar." The song combines Gregorian chants with sax solos and then turns into a swinging blues number, before returning back to its dark overtones. The music and the energy picks up with the explicit "'Tis A Pity She Was A Whore." The lyrics are somewhat surprising coming from a 69 year old, semi-retired rock artist, but the jazzy musical backdrop sets the stage perfectly for this enticing little number. The album's second single, "Lazarus" continues to grow in strength and intensity as the vocals and music continue to climb higher. Bowie peels off hip-hop lyrics that would rival most rap groups in "Girl Loves Me," but he delivers them in a mature, lush setting with a steady pulsating bass rhythm that seems so natural. The album closes with his only glimpse at his past work with "I Can't Give Everything Away" as the song sounds like an outtake from his 1999 album "Hours."

As long as David Bowie continues to evolve his music, then there is still a sense of excitement in modern rock music. To find out more about his new album "Blackstar," please visit

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