Wednesday, January 13, 2016

CD Review: Jazz Drummer Jae Sinnett Goes "Zero To 60" On New Album

Musician/composer Jae Sinnett returns with his most swinging album of his thirty year career. Beginning in 1986, Sinnett has penned over 250 compositions and released 14 albums as a bandleader. His latest release titled "Zero To 60," features ten songs that reflect Sinnett's experiences throughout his sixty years of life.
Beginning with the up-tempo "Double Dribble," Sinnett's drumming keeps the energy flowing, while the members of his band take their turn in the spotlight. He keeps the excitement going with the eight-minute "Farm Hands" with sweeping solos and tempo changes. Sinnett and his band slow the tempo down for you to  explore the steady pace of "Quail Creek," before taking off again for the quick jumping rhythm of "Watch Your Step." Sinnett pulls together his version of "Never Let Me Go," then quickens up the tempo once again with "Bowen's Arrow," before finishing up with the delicate, ten-minute adventure of "Omega." To find out more about Jae Sinnett and his latest release "Zero To 60," please visit

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