Friday, January 1, 2016

CD Review: JD & The Straight Shot Go Acoustic On "Ballyhoo!"

Americana band JD & The Straight Shot are embracing their roots with the new all-acoustic album "Ballyhoo!," which will be released on January 15th. It features eleven tunes stripped down to their core by being performed acoustically. Lead singer Jim Dolan said that they "always approached writing songs acoustically, so it made sense to go in that direction."

Beginning with "Empty," JD & The Straight Shot bring out the dark side of their writing with this country-blues number. Even with all the instrumentation stripped away, songs like "Better Find A Church" and "Glide" showcase how strong the songwriting is and how powerful the harmonizing between Dolan and Erin Slaver makes the songs more emotional. The slow-moving "Don't Waste My Time" seems to be missing its impact in this setting, while the story of "Ballyhoo" is a fun adventure. The album closes with the country two-step of "Here He Comes" and the quiet delivery of "I'll See You Again." To find out more about JD & The Straight Shot and their latest album "Ballyhoo!," please visit their Facebook page at

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