Monday, January 25, 2016

CD Review: Kevin Godley Helps Turn Richard La Plante's Memoir Into "Hog Fever"

In this day of age, its rare for a former rock star to develop a radio play, which is exactly what Kevin Godley, founding drummer of the English rock band 10CC, did last year. He developed the memoir of Richard La Plante into a radio drama titled "Hog Fever." La Plante is known for his crime novels and love of Harley Davidson motorcycles, but this specific memoir sparked interest in Godley creating a radio movie with a full cast of actors and original music. This new "Ear Movie" was becoming something special once famed actor Terence Stamp signed on to star as "The Shrink."
The story takes you on a journey into the mind of Robert Lourdes as he explains his adventures on his Harley Davidson motorcycle to his shrink. The main character, Robert Lourdes, looks for freedom from his current life by escaping on his bike as the iconic voice of Terrence Stamp, as his shrink, gives a pulse to the meaning behind his stories. This midlife crisis story is delivered in five episodes and each one draws you further into the mind of Robert Lourdes. The writing is very descriptive and easily paints a picture in your mind, which allows each listener to experience the story differently.
Also included in this four disc set is the soundtrack that feature original music by Kevin Godley and Richard La Plante along with a version of Cole Porter's "Night & Day" performed by Terrence Stamp. The original songs by Godley showcase his expertise for writing pop/rock gems like "The Bad & The Beautiful" and the rhythmic delivery of "Just Write." Fellow English musician Daniel Ash (Bauhaus, Love And Rockets) adds two original compositions to the soundtrack, the raw, punk-like fury of "Flame On" and the album closer "Wanker" performed by Laura Rearwin. To find out more about "Hog Fever," please visit

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