Wednesday, January 27, 2016

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Imports From High Hopes, Foret D'Orient And Shevils

From the U.K. comes the sophomore album from High Hopes titled "Sights & Sounds." It will be released on February 5th through their new label Victory Records. The new ten-song release begins with a quick announcement before kicking down the door with the force of "The Callout." Since beginning in 2012, High Hopes have matured tremendously on this latest release. They have added a more melodic tone to their delivery of songs like "Vanguard" and "Milk," but still keep that hardcore metal edge as in "Manipulator." The album finishes with the speed and power of "The Greater Plan" and the quiet strength of "Sights & Sounds," which showcases the band's diversity. To find out more about High Hopes and their latest release "Sights & Sounds," please visit their Facebook page at

From Venice, Italy comes the latest release from symphonic black metal band Foret D'Orient titled "Venetia." The new seven-song concept album incorporates full orchestration along with an aggressive death metal attack. The combination of the two genres works together perfectly as the powerful vocals and drums are balanced by the intense classical music backdrops that turns songs like "A Reitia" and "Del Mare Alla Terra Adhuc Viventi" into complete metal masterpieces. They add a prog-metal element to "Lepanto" and close the album with the famous symphony "Adagio In Sol Minore." The album was released earlier in the month through Visionaire Records. To find out more about Foret D'Orient and their latest release "Venetia," please visit their Facebook page at

From Oslo, Norway comes the latest release from independent hardcore metal band Shevils titled "The White Sea." Their sound combines elements of grunge with raw, heavy garage rock to create a hardcore sound that adds a blast of pure energy to the music. The new ten-song release starts with the quick-hitting metal appeal of "I Wear The Skies" as screaming vocals and simple guitar riffs kick things off. They combine all of their influences within "One Thousand Years" as their energy pushes these songs to their limits. The stomping rhythm of "Wordsmith" and frenzied guitars of "When Will I See You Again" display a controlled chaos to what Shevils have to offer. To find out more about Shevils and their latest release "The White Sea," please visit

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