Tuesday, January 12, 2016

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music Arriving From The Order Of Elijah, One Morning Left And Ondt Blod

From Joplin, Missouri comes the new album from hardcore Christian metal band The Order Of Elijah titled "War At Heart." It features eleven hard-hitting, adrenaline-fueled tracks, beginning with a spoken word introduction that sets the stage for the themed album. Then the band comes screaming out of the gates with the attack of "War At Heart" and the explosiveness of "Gods Unwanted Children." The intensity of "All American Plague" and NuMetal feel of "Beautiful" closes the album on a high note as The Order Of Elijah continue to grow and evolve in this great hardcore metal band. To find out more about The Order Of Elijah and their latest release, "War At Heart," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/theorderofelijah.

From Finland comes the exciting new metalcore album from One Morning Left titled "Metalcore Superstars." It is the band's first release on their newly signed label Imminence Records. The album features eleven head-banging tracks, beginning with the highly energetic, hardcore feel to "OML_KVLT." Then One Morning Left take a turn to the electronics with the synthesizer driven "Heavy Metal Finland" and "Kings And Queens" Their powers lies in their youth as they display it in the hard-hitting singles "You're Dead! Let's Disco!" and "Eternity," before closing their album with the exciting mainstream metal feel of "Sticks And Stones." To find out more about One Morning Left and their latest release "Metalcore Superstars," please visit onemorningleft.com.

From Norway comes the debut album from the hardcore metal band Ondt Blod titled "Finnmark." It feature ten exciting headbangers that deal with the decline of industrial communities and small town pride as most of the members of this five-piece hail from Norway's northern most county of Finnmark. The album begins with the thrash metal of "Svarte Daga" and the two-minute punk-like fury of "Nye Lydspor." While you may not understand the songs lyrics, which are sung in Norwegian, you still feel the emotions in "Tragedien Kommer" and "Symbola." The album finishes with the monstrous rhythms of "9900 Sodoma" and the prog-metal feel of "Finnmark." To find out more about Ondt Blod and their new album, please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/ondtblodband.

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