Thursday, January 21, 2016

CD Review: New Indie-Music Arriving From Edward Rogers, Blue Orchids, Andy Metz and Kye Alfred Hillig

From New York comes the latest album from UK-born singer/songwriter Edward Rogers titled "Glass Marbles." This will be his sixth album and will be released on March 11th through Zip Records. Over the last year, Rogers wrote over 50 songs as contenders for his new album and with the help of producer Don Piper knocked it down to the 19 that are featured on this new album. Rogers also had some of the top session musicians to work with him on this release. Beginning with "The World Of Mystery," you get a sense that this album has a special quality to it as Rogers portrays a mature folk/rock sound. His storytelling lyrics are so descriptive as in "Welcome To My Monday Morning" that he paints the perfect picture in your mind of what he is singing about. Rogers is bringing his love for flea market shopping to "Jumbo Sale," before rocking out on the "Olde House On The Hill." This release is filled to brim with many different genres as Rogers's wonderful songwriting becomes the main focus of the album. To find out more about Edward Rogers and his latest album "Glass Marbles," please visit

English post-punk band Blue Orchids are preparing to release their first new album in over fifteen years titled "The Once And Future Thing." It features the great songwriting and distinct vocals of original member Martin Bramah, supported by the latest group of top class of musicians. The new eleven-song release begins with the strong rocker "A Good Day To Live" that demands your attention. They bring us back to the early days with the pop/rock feel of "Jam Today" and add an element of alternative/country to the quick jam of "Motorway," before slowing down for the acoustic folk delivery of "Rosie Hours." The album finishes up with the big build-up of "Running Blind" and the classic bar-room rock of "Road To Perilous" as Blue Orchids look to reclaim their place in rock history. To find out more about their new album "The Once And Future Thing," please visit their Facebook page at

From Chicago comes the full-length debut album from singer/songwriter Andy Metz, titled "Delusions." He begins with the up-beat, acoustic strumming of "Where We Belong" and gets locked into a funky groove of "Evil," before letting out his emotions for "Take My Heart." Andy mixes in some hip-hop lyrics for "Guns," before slowing down for the gentle ballad "Witnesses." The new eleven-song release finishes with a couple of newly discovered folk gems ("I Might Break" and "Old Man") and them closes with the dark, church-hymn "Saved." To find out more about Andy Metz and his latest release "Delusions," please visit

This year marks the return of Tacoma, WA singer/songwriter Kye Alfred Hillig with his latest album "Great Falls Memorial Interchange." It features a dozen folk/rock gems, beginning with the country strumming of "Always Leaving Early Deb Lake Tahoe" and get the energy flowing on the stomp rhythm of "The Church Street Saint Leads The Marching Band For Truth." He showcases some wonderful harmonizing on the unorthodox subject of "Throwing Up," but you can definitely appreciate his exceptional songwriting in the quiet delivery of "In Tandem." He pays homage to singer "Whitney Houston" with this touching tribute, before finishing with the acoustic country feel of "Ancient Burial Ground" and the solo delivery of "Big Sleeping Nowhere." To find out more about Kye Alfred Hillig and his latest release "Great Falls Memorial Interchange," please visit his Facebook page at

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