Tuesday, January 19, 2016

CD Review: New Music From Heavy Metal Artists Exumer, Ketzer And Brimstone Coven

Metal Blade Records continues to roll out some of the best independent metal music in the world. They start the year off right with new January releases from Exumer, Ketzer and Brimstone Coven.
First up is the January 29th release of German thrash metal veterans Exumer titled "The Raging Tides." It is the band's first release in over four years and it will be their second album released on Metal Blade Records. The new ten-song release brings back that classic thrash metal sound of eighties with a youthful energy added to the music. Beginning with "The Raging Tide," you instantly get engulfed with the speed and power of what Exumer have to offer. They continue with the thrash metal guitar riffs of "Brand Of Evil" and "Welcome To Hellfire" and will blow you away with the intensity of "Sinister Souls." For a band that has been in the metal game for over 30 years, Exumer still keeps their music edgy with songs like "There Will Always Be Blood" and "Death Factory." To find out more about Exumer and their latest release "The Raging Tides," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/exumerofficial.
Next we have the latest release from fellow German metal band Ketzer titled "Starless." It is the band's third album as they became inspired to write new music after their first tour of the U.S.. The new ten-s0ng release begins with the title-song, "Starless" as the growling vocals and intense drumming are the driving force behind the song. The dual-guitars electrify "When The Milk Runs Dry" and the classic chugging rhythm of "Count To Ten" explodes during the chorus. They slow down for the grinding death metal tempo of "Shaman's Dance," before closing the album with the quiet, mystical feel of "Limbo." To find out more about Ketzer and their latest release "Starless," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/ketzergermany. 
Newcomers, Brimstone Coven are releasing their Metal Blade Records debut album on January 29th titled "Black Magic." Their sound dates back to the early days of Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, but they are a relatively new band with passion for the classic metal of the sixties and seventies. Their new album begins with the title-song, "Black Magic" as you'd swear this song came from four decades ago. Brimstone Coven have captured something special in their music with songs like "Black Unicorn" and "Beyond The Astral" that gets listeners excited to listen to every track on the album. Their new single "Slow Death" draws in elements of raw, garage rock with undeniable guitar riffs and classic vocals that are unlike anything on the radio now. Their new ten-song release closes with the heavy prog-rock feel of "Forsaken" and the steady, pounding rhythm of "The Eldest Tree." To find out more about Brimstone Coven and their latest release "Black Magic," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/brimstonecoven.

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