Monday, January 4, 2016

CD Review: Paul Burch Pays Tribute To Jimmie Rodges With "Meridian Rising"

American singer/songwriter Paul Burch is paying tribute to one of the original country singers, Jimmy Rodgers, with his new album "Meridian Rising." Burch was never one to follow the rules of music and paying tribute to a "superstar" of the 1920s is definitely not something that will help get your music on the charts, but it does show your expertise in songwriting. Joining Burch on this album is the WPA Ballclub which includes fellow musicians Fats Kaplin, Tim O'Brien, Billy Bragg, Garry Tallent, John Langford and William Tyler. This new album will be released on February 26 through Plowboy Records.
The new 20-song album begins with Burch playing the role of Jimmie Rodgers as he is singing about his home town of "Meridian." The album plays out as if you were reading and autobiography of the performer. He takes to the road with the sweeping rhythm of "Cadillacin'" and the up-tempo, jazzy feel of "To Paris (With Regrets)." Burch draws out your emotions with the slow country blues of "June" and the love story of "The Girl I Sawed In Half," but he digs deep into the heart and soul of Jimmie Rodgers with the title-song "Meridian Rising." The album finishes with the gentle swing of "Back To The Honky Tonks" and the New Orleans jazz flavor instrumental "Oh, Didn't He Ramble." To find out more about Paul Burch and his latest release "Meridian Rising," please visit

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