Friday, January 15, 2016

Vinyl Review: Audio Fidelity Breathes New Life Into "Thief" Soundtrack

German electronic band, Tangerine Dream was sought after by director Michael Mann to score his debut film "Thief" back in 1981. The film received rave reviews, but never became a blockbuster smash hit despite the big names attached to this film like Jerry Bruckheimer, James Caan, Tuesday Weld and Willie Nelson. This heist film needed just the right soundtrack to give it a "cutting edge" sound and Tangerine Dream were the perfect band to deliver extra emotion to the film.

Audio Fidelity decided on this soundtrack to be the latest remastered vinyl release. It features a very dated, synthesizer-filled sound, but the perfect setting to be delivered on vinyl, since it has been out of print for some time. Tangerine Dream do a masterful job combining the electronic sounds to develop emotion in these manufactured songs. When played loud, you can truly appreciate the remaster job Kevin Gray did with the music. You will easily get lost in the pulsating rhythm of "Diamond Diary," the sweeping prog-like synth of "Igneous" and the Floydian rock of "Confrontation." 

This newly remastered version of the "Thief Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" may entice many to rediscover the film, 35 years after its debut. It also showcases how good Tangerine Dream were as an instrumental band, creating over sixty soundtracks for film, TV and video games. To find out more about the newly remastered vinyl release of the "Thief Original Motion Picture Soundtrack," please visit

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