Saturday, February 6, 2016

CD Review: Indie-Rock Artists Give A "Stoned Salute" To Led Zeppelin

One of the most influential bands of the hard rock music genre is Led Zeppelin. With their big guitar riffs, thunderous drumming, moody keyboards and screaming vocals, Led Zeppelin have laid down the blueprint for bands to follow. On this latest release from Cleopatra Records titled "Dazed & Confused: A Stoned-Out Salute To Led Zeppelin," 14 underground rock bands pour their all into these renditions of some of Zeppelin classic, by adding their own spin to them.

Beginning with Siena Root, this Swedish rock band adds some spacey guitar to "Whole Lotta Love," while Fireball Ministry gives "The Rover" some raw, west-coast flair. The Cult Of Dom Keller turns "Dazed And Confused" into a trip down the rabbit hole as your mind gets lost into this musical journey. The honorable band Mothership owe it all to Led Zeppelin as they display a killer version of "Heartbreaker" with its big guitar riffs. American stoner band Dead Meadow lay down the perfect groundwork for the atmospheric "No Quarter" and Electric Eye expands "Immigrant Song" past the six-minute mark by stretching out beyond the song's boundaries. This new 14-song release finishes up with the psychedelic rock of "Nobody's Fault But Mine" by The Machine, the almost unrecognizable "Kashmir" from Indian Jewelry and the enjoyable heavy rock approach to "Thank You" by The Black Moods. To find out more about the newly "Dazed & Confused: A Stoned-Out Salute To Led Zeppelin," please visit

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