Tuesday, February 2, 2016

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music From Black Wizard, Oranssi Pazuzu, Arcana 13, Tiny Knives And Omnihility

As we are one month into the new year, the heavy metal community are definitely getting their fair share of new releases with new music arriving from Canada's Black Wizard, Finland's Oranssi Pazuzu, Italy's Arcana 13 along with USA's own Tiny Knives and Omnihilty.
Black Wizard are back with their new full-length album titled "New Waste," which will be released on February 12 through Listenable Records. The new nine-song release brings in the best elements from some of the best classic progressive metal bands like Iron Maiden and add a raw, authentic feel to their music. Songs like "Harsh Time" and "Vivian Girls" draws upon the band's early influences of Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, while "Eliminator" has that strong guitar riff that is hard to resist. They close the album with the energetic rocker "Final Ripper" that will have you hitting repeat right after the final note. To find out more about Black Wizard and their new album "New Waste," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/blackwizardband.
Next from Europe comes two new releases from Oranssi Pazuzu titled "Varahtelija" and Arcana 13 titled "Danza Macabra." Both bands look to stretch the boundaries of heavy metal music. Oranssi Pazuzu deliver an atmospheric space rock/heavy metal that makes you want to listen with the lights off. Their twelve-minute opener "Saturaatio," which combines progressive metal with a free-form jazz delivery to the music as the rhythm holds the song together. The Floydian journey of the title-song showcases the band's excellent musicianship as they continue with their adventure. Arcana 13 have taken the theme of Italian cult horror movies from the 60's and 70's in order to create their heavy riffs and attractive metal sound. Songs like "Dread Ritual" and "Oblivion Mushroom" carry that Sabbath vibe as the band sticks close to their deep dark metal roots. To find out more about Oranssi Pazuzu, please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/Oranssi-pazuzu. To find out more about Arcana 13, please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/arcanatredici. 
Finally we arrive with a couple of new releases from America's own Tiny Knives and Omnihility. Tiny Knives hails from the great Northwest and is ready to release their debut album "Black Haze" on the Eolian Empire label. Their music brings in the recklessness of punk music with screaming hardcore metal vocals as displayed in "Past Tense." Their new eight-song release is raw and as this trio of females will have you thinking twice about whether or not women can rock as hard as men can. They mix tempos on "Silk In The Water" and finish with the grunge-like delivery of "Winter." Also from the great Northwest comes the new album from death metal wizards Omnihility titled "Dominion Of Misery." Their speed and technical abilities are outstanding as they pierce your mind with the machine-gun-like drumming of "Psychotic Annihilation." Growling vocals and lightning-quick guitar riffs will have your adrenaline pumping as your follow the attack of "Dead Eden" and "Reflections In Blood." They showcase their technical side with the gentle instrumental "Within Shadows" and the stunning closer "The Meaning Of Misery." To find out more about Tiny Knives, please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/Tiny-Knives. To find out more about Omnihility, please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/omnihility.

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