Friday, February 26, 2016

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music "March"-ing In Next Month

You may begin to feel bombarded by all of the new underground heavy metal music arriving over the course of the next month. I will try and sort it out for you. Arriving March 4 we have the latest from death metal band, Extermination Temple releasing their "Lifeless Forms: 4-song EP, which is a follow-up to their 2014 self-titled cassette demo. Also arriving March 4th is the debut album from SOON, simply titled "Vol. 1." It features a heavy, melodic tone that mixes in "psych-rock" textures with a straight-forward metal rhythms. Canadian prog-metal band Sierra will be releasing their new EP titled "72." It features the 23-minute song "Sierra - 72," which feels like a hard rock version of Pink Floyd. Also new is the latest album from Australian death metal band Inverloch titled "Distance | Collapsed." It features five bone crushing, doom metal masterpieces as the eight-minute "Distance Collapsed (In Rubble)" and eleven-minute "The Empyrean Torment" showcase the depth in this band's songwriting. Swedish grindcore metal band Gadget arrive on March 4th with their first full-length album in over a decade titled "The Great Destroyer." It features 17-speed metal shots of power and adrenaline that will make your head spin. Multiply listens to this album will be needed, just to realize what you just heard as most tracks never get past the 2-minute mark.
On March 11th we get the debut EP titled "Luminous" from the Pennsylvania prog-rock band Aniquatia. This four-piece band brought together all their influences to create a distinctly addictive sound as their musicianship is top-notch. Also arriving March 11th is the sophomore follow-up for Arizona multi-instrumentalist, Shane Ocell's doom metal outfit Via Vengeance. The new album titled "Harsh Conditions" features eleven songs that Ocell recorded live in the studio as his hollowing vocals take a backseat to the buzzing guitar riffs and steady doom metal rhythm. The following week brings us the new album from Finnish death metal band Gloria Morti titled "Kuebiko." It is the band's fifth studio album and their most modern hardcore metal output. The new nine-song release is a blast of hard-hitting rhythms and growling vocals that is sure to leave no prisoners.
March closes out with the latest from the death metal band AHTME (formerly known as The Roman Holiday). Their new album titled "The Demonization" is actually a re-issue of their 2013 album, which was never officially released. The music hits you like a wave of technical hardcore metal as the drumming is so precise down to the second as the growling vocals and buzzsaw guitars give shots of adrenaline to the music. Also arriving on March 25th are a couple of trios that are looking to pave their own path of hard rock music. First is the new album from Canada rockers La Chinga titled "Free Wheelin'." Their sound harps back to the big guitar sound of seventies rock as flashy solos and sing-along chorus brought fame to many band from that decade. La Chinga's new ten-song album is filled with electrifying guitar riffs and rhythms that are undeniable. The second trio to arrive with a new album on March 25th is the California band Zun. It features the bluesy guitar work of Gary Arce (Yawing Man), who's references date back three decades. The new album titled "Burial Sunrise" features six-songs of soul searching rock that will draw you in with its atmospheric tones and attractive combination of blues and progressive metal music. To find out more about these artists and their latest releases, please visit

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