Monday, February 1, 2016

CD Review: New Heavy Music Rising From The Underground

From Los Angeles comes the sophomore release from doom metal band Deathkings titled "All That Is Beautiful." The recording of the album was done in 2014, but the band made sure this release makes and impact with the "visually stunning package, deserving of the music contained therein." Don't be surprised that the album contains only four songs, because each song is an epic experience in progressive doom metal music. The shortest song, "The Road To Awe" clocks in at twelve-minutes and features that dark, slow-rhythm that takes you back to early days of Black Sabbath. The new album will be self-released on March 18th. To find out more about Deathkings and their latest release "All That Is Beautiful," please visit their Facebook page at
From Wisconsin comes the full-length debut album from death metal band Casket Robbery titled "Evolution of Evil." It has been five years since their last EP release and in that time, they toured extensively to create a dedicated following. The new ten-song release is an powerfully intense blast of hardcore music as the energy is felt right from the opening rhythms of "Annibelle's Hell" and "Blood Bathory." Casket Robbery invite horror filmmaker Cory Udler to voice over the high-powered instrumental "Undead Living Hell" and "Pray For Death" electrifies with a stunning guitar solo from John Laux (Warbringer). The album closes with an amazing performance from drummer Greg Mueller on "The Asylum." To find out more about Casket Robbery and their new release "Evolution of Evil," please visit their Facebook page at 
From Los Angeles thrash metal band, Anger As Art releases their new album, "Ad Mortem Festinamus." It is still a bit early to call them veterans after only 12 years in the genre, but Anger As Art have blazed a path for other west coast thrash metal bands to follow. The new eleven-song album begins with the classic thrash metal sound of "Pissing On Your Grave" as melody and intricate musicianship are replaced by speed and power. They turn "Tombward" into an epic thrash metal music with frenzied guitars, while the intense delivery of the vocals of "Hammer Blade And Twisting Fire" showcase the band's dedication to their sound. The album finishes with the acoustic build-up of "Praise Of The Firehead" and the thunderous delivery of "Dim Carcosa." To find out more about Anger As Art and their latest release "Ad Mortem Festinamus," please visit their Facebook page at

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