Wednesday, February 10, 2016

CD Review: New Music Releases From Rising Indie-Artists

From New York comes the latest release from punk band, Bad Mary titled "We Could Have Saved The World." The short six-song EP is a blast of energy, lead by the amazing vocals of Amanda Mac as she brings in elements of Gwen Stefani with more of a Joan Jett edge. The album begins with the adrenaline fueled "Creeper" and the striking guitar riffs of "Marz Attaqx" as Bad Mary have a great modern punk sound. The band slows down the tempo for the classic Ramones feel of "Cloud 9," before picking things back up with the quick-hitting "Meanwhile" and the revengeful "When You Think Of Me." To find out more about Bad Mary and their latest release, "We Could Have Saved The World," please visit their Facebook page at

From Chicago comes the latest release from indie-rocker Jesse W. Johnson titled "Primal Scream." This album is a change of direction of his 2013 acoustic based EP "Cannon Rows" as five raw, hook-driven songs make up his latest EP. Beginning with the titled song, "Primal Scream" has a rockabilly boogie rhythm with loud blazing guitars motoring the song. He changes directions with the light, airy, pop of "Why Aren't We In LA?," before closing with the big arena rock sound of "Springfield Supportive Living" and the quiet acoustic, folk build-up of "Expecting To Fall." To find out more about Jesse W. Johnson and his latest release "Primal Scream," please visit

From New York comes the sophomore release from The Morning Sea titled "Mal De Mer." The album titled means "seasickness" in French, but their sound will enlighten you as the vibes are bright and airy as in "Don't Be Moronic, Merriam." They continue with the high-energetic impact of "Alexandra" and "Backburner Baby." Sandwiched between these rockers is the heartfelt ballad "Lonely Hearts In The Cosmos," which returns again for the wonderfully gentle delivery of the acoustic album closer "The Cold & The Quiet." To find out more about The Morning Sea and their latest release "Mal De Mar," please visit their Facebook page at

From Chicago comes the new release from Nice Motor titled "Seminary St." It features four songs of alternative country that would make Ryan Adams and Wilco proud. The new EP begins with the the twangy guitar of the retro sounding "All The Neighbors" and continues with the contagious steady rhythm of "Turn To Stone" as Nice Motor play it cool with their delivery. Their new short release closes with some funk added to their alt-country sound with "Thick In The Head." To find out more about Nice Motor, please visit

Connecticut singer/songwriter Mark Daniel recently released his latest 4-song EP titled "Repair To New." He is a former student of Berklee College of Music and has toured along side such well-known acts as Living Colour, Steve Vai and Everclear just to name a few. The new release begins with the country/rock swing of "Vacant Beauty" as his voice just soars. The strong rhythm of "The Breakdown" gives Mark's music that harder rock edge, while the wonderful songwriting of "Fall Behind" shows the complete talents of Mark Daniel. To find out more about Mark and his new release "Repair To New," please visit his Facebook page at

From Los Angles comes the self-titled, debut album from rock and soul band Sugar Fly. It features amazing soulful vocals from Tia Simone, backed by a strong hard rock groove that works so well with each other. Their new five-song EP begins with the thunderous delivery of "Heartbreak City" as your pulse quickens with each verse. The lead single from the album is the grunge-like guitar driven hook of "Blind" as Tia vocals steal the show. The album continues with the bluesy feel of "Speak To Me," before closing with the rip-roaring rocker "Dig." To find out more about Sugar Fly, please visit

From Chicago comes the third EP from funk/rock band Freaks For Geeks titled "TIN." It features four songs that combines elements of rock, funk and rap to give their songs a wider audience. Beginning with "Sleep, M.D." the music has a Red Hot Chili Peppers vibe, but with a hip-hop style delivery to the lyrics. Freaks For Geeks hone their sound with the lighter, ska/funk feel of "What Might Get Out," then bring in a 311 influence to "Settle The Score," before closing with the spinning rhymes of "Jakfox." To find out more about Freaks For Geeks and their latest release "TIN," please visit

The songwriting duo of Paul Chastain (Velvet Crush) and John L. Richardson (Gin Blossoms) recently released their debut album as The Small Square. It features some guests from such bands as Badfinger, Ryan Adams and Matthew Sweet to name a few. The new eleven-song release is folk/rock gold, beginning with the acoustic strumming of "So Low" as their warming vocals and laid back vibe puts your nerves at ease. They pick the tempo up, but only slightly for the more rock oriented "Dream Faker (Open Your Heart)," but find the perfect balance with the smooth harmonizing of "Enough To Know." The Small Square have a hit single with "Otherwhile," which has a great classic sound that is highly addictive. The album closes with the quick-paced, up-beat rocker "Wild Chump" and the experimental, country-rock vibe of "The Trip." To find out more about The Small Square and their self-titled debut release, please visit

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