Monday, February 15, 2016

CD Review: Omnivore Recordings Delivers Reissue Of Game Theory's "Lolita Nation"

Omnivore Recordings have done a masterful job with re-issuing the back catalogue from '80's power pop/rock band Game Theory. The band has been praised by MTV for their creativity as they released some of the most unique underground music during the '80's. Their albums have been long out-of-print, until Omnivore Recordings got a hold of the rights to remaster and re-release them. On February 5th, we saw the release of the band's masterpiece, their 1987 double-album "Lolita Nation." It features 27 tracks and includes an entire second CD of bonus tracks.

Spin magazine described "Lolita Nation" as one of the band's "gutsiest" album as punk-like alternative rock riffs replaced their lighter pop sound on this album. Songs like "Exactly What We Don't Want To Hear," "Look Away" and "Slip" are shots of energy as Game Theory deliver a post-punk sound. The album features some of band leader Scott Miller's best songwriting as displayed in the rock ballad "Andy In Ten Years" and the modern rock gold of "Mammoth Gardens." If Game Theory were to have a hit on this album, it was the eighties pop/rock of "Chardonnay" as the song's up-beat rhythm and addictive chorus was the perfect match for that decade.

The full disc of bonus tracks begins with the entire eight-minute version of  "Chardonnay" as you discover how good Game Theory were as a band performing together as a tight unit. The real gems on this bonus disc are the live tracks that are spread across the disc, whether it was in front of an audience or in the radio studio, it showcases how good this band was at performing live. Classic covers like The Hollies' "Carrie Anne" and Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" gets the Game Theory make-over, while they also pay tribute to one of their heroes David Bowie with a covers of "Candidate" and "Drive-In Saturday." The 21-song bonus disc closes with an alternative version of their song "Choose Between Two Songs," performed acoustically. To find out more about this latest re-issue from Game Theory, please visit

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