Monday, February 22, 2016

CD Review: Peter Murphy Releases Live Album From His "Wild Birds Tour"

English singer/musician Peter Murphy is considered the "Godfather of Goth" music, which is an art-based rock music with dark overtones. He found success in the late 70's with his band Bauhaus before pursuing a solo career in 1986 and finding success on the U.K. album charts. His latest release is an unreleased live album from his "Wild Birds Live Tour" in 2000. It was released on February 12th through Cleopatra Records and features 2CDs of a revived Murphy, who returned to performing live following his "greatest hits" compilation.
The shows features 18-songs from Murphy's solo catalog, beginning with his earliest single "Final Solution," with it's industrial, post-punk feel. He then hits a modern rock groove while reeling off the up-beat "Scarlet Thing In You," "Wild Birds" and "Mirror To My Woman's Mind." The always experimental Murphy displays some of his artistic pieces like "Subway" and "Surrendered," while also pouring his emotions into "Hit Song" and "Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem." He proudly serves up his biggest hit singles, "Indigo Eyes" done acoustically as he jokes with the audience, and "Cuts You Up" is delivered with pride and meaning. The shows closes with the electronic beats of "Roll Call - Recall" and the exciting, eight-minute delivery of "Huuvola." To find out more about Peter Murphy's latest live album "Wild Birds Live Tour," please visit

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