Saturday, February 27, 2016

CD Review: Resonance Records Uncovers Two Live Albums From Jazz Legend Stan Getz

The genius of Stan Getz is not very known outside of the jazz community, but with two newly discovered live shows being released, you will have a greater appreciation for this jazz musician. In 1964, Stan Getz teamed up with Brazilian guitarist/singer Joao Gilberto to create the 1964 album "Getz/Gilberto," which won the Grammy for "Album of the Year." Two years later the duo released "Getz/Gilberto #2," which was a live album recorded at Carnegie Hall in 1964. They reunited one more time in 1976 for the studio album "The Best Of Two Worlds." Now on February 12th, Resonance Records has released a newly discovered live album from 1976 tilled simply "Getz/Gilberto '76." It features twelve songs (with a spoken introduction by Stan Getz) recorded during their run of shows at the Keystone Korner in San Francisco in May of 1976. It is one of the rare appearance of Joao Gilberto as he was not fond of the stage at this time in his career, but the two of them together have produced magic. Songs like "Retrato em Branco e Preto" and "Rosa Morena" will easily find their way into your heart with Gilberto's warming Brazilian vocals and Getz's smooth saxophone. Gilberto lets his fingers walk during the Latin groove of "Joao Marcelo" and their pure bossa nova sound comes shining through "Doralice," before closing with the amazing six-minute encore "E Preciso Perdoar," which leaves you only wanting more from this duo.

As a companion piece to "Getz/Gilberto '76," Resonance Records also released a newly discovered live album titled "Moments In Time" from Stan Getz, performing solo at the same shows that Joao Gilberto joined him. He swings his way through eight classic cover songs, allowing his sax playing to be the main focus, beginning with the up-beat "Summer Night," which pushes past the nine-minute mark. Getz's delivery of the Wayne Shorter piece "Infant Eyes" is stunning as you are allowed a glimpse of his beautiful playing. He gets your pulse pumping during the twelve-minute swing of "Con Alma" as Getz's backing band supports his every move. The album closes with an elegant delivery of Duke Ellington's "Prelude To A Kiss" and the nine-minute funky romp of "Morning Star." Both releases include full-color booklets that include rare photos and new essays and interviews from historians and those involved with the production. To find out more about "Getz/Gilberto '76" please visit and to find out more about "Moments In Time," please visit

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