Saturday, February 20, 2016

CD Review: Shining New Releases From Singer/Songwriters Brett Harris And Sammy Walker

From Durham, NC comes the sophomore album from singer/songwriter Brett Harris titled "Up In The Air." He collaborated with the power pop band, The dB's and was a member of Big Star's "Third" tour, which helped Harris with his craft on this latest album. The album begins with The Beatles like pop/rock of "End Of The Rope" as his voice has a timeless quality to it that has you wanting more. The smooth strumming of "Don't Look Back" and "Lies" showcases Harris' folk side and the piano ballad "High Times" has the perfect balance of soul and emotion to make it memorable. He slinks his way through the funky "Summer Night" and displays that classic folk/pop appeal with the acoustic title-song "Up In The Air." The album closes with his best written song, the emotional "Spanish Moss." To find out more about Brett Harris and his latest release "Up In The Air," please visit

American folk singer/songwriter Sammy Walker was heavily influenced by Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie as his sound reflected those early folk storytelling styles. He released five albums between 1976 to 2008 and his latest release is a collection of demos that got Walker his album contract with Warner Bros. in the seventies. On April 8th, Ramseur Records collected ten of Sammy Walker's best demos that he recorded over 40 years ago to showcase this forgotten folk hero. The new release begins with "Brown Eyed Georgia Darlin'," as you'd swear this was a lost outtake from Bob Dylan's early years. Walker's songs are the perfect mesh of vocals and words that made stars of Arlo Guthrie and John Prine. Listening to his stories, takes you back to a simpler time as "My Old Friend" and "If I Had The Time" are simple enough to follow as Walker deserves to be in the same conversation with some of the best, well-known folk artists. The album closes with "Talkin Women's Lib" as you easily fall in love with his style of storytelling. To find out more about Sammy Walker's latest release "Brown Eyed Georgia Darlin'," please visit

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