Monday, March 21, 2016

Book/CD Review: Family & Friends Pay Tribute To Kent Finlay With Words & Music

Texas music icon Kent Finlay passed away last March at the age of 77. He gained fame as a musical mentor for more that four decades, developing the careers of George Strait, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Johnson and many, many more. Kent Finlay was the owner of the Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos, TX and a songwriter who gave hope to many upstart Texas musicians.

To celebrate his amazing life, his daughter, Jenni Finlay and Brian T. Atkinson tell the story of Kent Finlay through a newly published book titled "Kent Finlay, Dreamer: The Musical Legacy Behind Cheatham Street Warehouse." It tells the tale of the life of Kent Finlay through his own words as Jenni interviewed her father prior to his death on the many life changing experiences that he helped create. Kent explains how the Cheatham Street Warehouse was his way of helping unknown local musicians, giving them a platform to showcase their talents. Country artist George Strait pays homage by writing the book's foreword. It was published on March 9th through Texas A&M University Press.

To accompany the book is a newly released album titled "Dreamer: A Tribute To Kent Finlay" that features fifteen of Kent's songs performed by the artists that have crossed his path at the Cheatham Street Warehouse. These songs are given their due as these artist handle the songs with pride and grace. Terri Hendrix starts things off with the classic country/folk appeal of "I'll Sing You A Story" and James McMurtry givea a short explanation prior to his solo, acoustic performance of "Comfort's Just A Rifle Shot Away." The album features a couple of duets, Brennen Leigh and Noel McKay harmonizing on "Yesterday's Oatmeal" and Randy Rodgers and Sunny Sweeney pouring their emotions into "Between You And Me." Owen Temple gives life to the storied lyrics of "Mines of Terlingua," before closing with Jamie Wilson lending her talents to the wonderful words of "Hill Country" and the CD contains a hidden bonus track from Brennen Leigh and Neol McKay returning to sing "Saturday Night." To find out more about these two newly released items paying tribute to Kent Finlay, please visit

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