Monday, March 28, 2016

CD Review: Javier Colon Defies "Gravity," Idalee Is "Starting Now" And Soup Is "Still In Fullee Love"

The winner of the inaugural season of NBC's "The Voice," Javier Colon is releasing his new full-length album titled "Gravity." It will be released on April 15th through the Concord Music Group and he will be returning to "The Voice" on April 13th during a live episode. His new album features thirteen-s0ngs, beginning with the up-tempo soulful pop of "Close To You." His voice soars during the R&B flavor of "Clear The Air" and he brings along the choir for the uplifting sounds of "Giant." He soothes your worries with the gentle touch of "My Perspective" and then lifts your spirits with the soulfulness of "Say." The jazzy duet of "For A Reason" and folk/rock appeal of "It Don't Matter To The Sun" showcases the many different avenues for Javier Colon to follow with his soulful voice. The album finishes with the pop gem "Never Know," which should find its way up the single chart and the quiet, acoustic closer "Walkin' Blind." To find out more about Javier Colon and his latest release "Gravity," please visit

Singer/songwriter Topher Hall's new album "Starting Now" is the very definition of second-chances. After going to jail for plowing his car into a government vehicle while drunk and high on cocaine, he has reformed himself as Idalee and is looking to rebuild his career with this new release. Beginning with the title-song "Starting Now," you get a renewed sense of purpose for this indie-pop/rock artist. He is very good at his craft, inviting you along on his journey of recovery. The California, Sublime-feel of "Barbarian" will have you grooving to the beat in no time. He then rocks out to the big guitar sounds of "Some Day" and gives off a Shawn Mullins-vibe on the root-rocker "Heal." He closes his new seven-song release with the heartfelt delivery of "Home," which showcases the best of Idalee's vocals. To find out more about Idalee and his latest release "Starting Now," please visit

From Los Angeles, CA comes the debut album from the new project from Jurassic 5 MC, Zaakir Muhammad aka Soup title "Still In Fullee Love." The new seven-song EP from Fullee Love begins with the smooth beats of "Surfboard Cali" as you can picture yourself flowing down the boulevard blasting this tune. He adds more of a dance/pop aspect to "Rampage" and goes R&B with the big sweeping beats of "Overdue." Fullee Love spins rhythms like a master on "All Around The World" to close out the album. To find out more about Fullee Love and his latest release "Still In Fullee Love," please visit his Facebook page at

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