Saturday, March 5, 2016

CD Review: New Album From Lee Harvey Osmond Is Full Of "Beautiful Scars"

Canadian folk musician Tom Wilson will be releasing his third album under the moniker of Lee Harvey Osmond on March 25. It is titled "Beautiful Scars" and will be released by Latant Recordings in association with Warner Music Canada. It features ten psychedelic folk gems that are also the soundtrack for Wilson's short-film trilogy that he is working on with Canadian film-maker Jeth Weinrich.

Beginning with the slinky, seven-minute "Loser Without Your Love," Lee Harvey Osmond sets the stage for this collection of folk stories told as only Osmond knows how. He adds a little jazzy backdrop to "Blue Man Drive" as he takes a page out of fellow Canadian Leonard Cohen's vocal delivery. The alternative country twang of "Shake A Hand" will keep you guessing as to what genre Osmond falls into, while "Dreams Come And Go" is a classic folk gem just waiting to be uncovered. His band lays down the perfect setting for the sultry delivery of "Hey Hey Hey," while "How Does It Feel" is almost stripped away from any excess music in order to make Osmond's words and story the main focus of the song. The album closes with the jazzy, neo-folk appeal of "Black Spruce" and the beautiful, heartfelt acoustic performance of "Bottom Of Out Love." To find out more about Lee Harvey Osmond and his latest release "Beautiful Scars," please visit

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