Thursday, March 24, 2016

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music From Gracepoint, Zamboni, Atala and Boudain

On April 1st comes the arrival of the new album from Gracepoint titled "Echoes." It is one of the most anticipated independent heavy metal albums of the year and pays tribute to their classic thrash metal influences, beginning with the chugging guitars of "Animal." The new ten-song release continues with the quick-pace of "Spider" as the band's energy is displayed in their performance. They let up on the momentum for a moment for the atmospheric instrumental "Secrets," before returning with the progressive metal feel of "Full Circle" and the heavy attack of "Crucible." The album finishes with the big thunderous sounds of "Echoes" and the short instrumental "Moon." To find out more about Gracepoint and their latest release "Echoes," please visit

From New Jersey/New York comes the self-titled, self-released debut album from east coast thrash metal band Zamboni. After two years of a revolving door of drummers, the album will finally be released on April 15th. The new nine-song release has some hard-hitting, quick-paced numbers including "The Greater Evil" and the chaotic "Nuclear Hatred." They add a raw, reckless punk-like fury to "Brain Hemorrhage," before finishing the short album with aggressive attack of "World War Z" and their experimental, fast-paced theme song "Zamboni." To find out more about Zamboni and their new release, please visit their Facebook page at

From California comes the latest release from doom metal band Atala titled "Shaman's Path Of The Serpent." It will be self-released on May 20th and features four epic pieces of music that takes a journey into the mind of singer/guitarist Kyle Stratton. Beginning with the slow buzz of "Gravity," the music feels heavy with dragged out guitar tones and a steady rhythm that keeps the song moving. Their doom metal sound continues into the eight-minute "Levity," before closing with the slow, chaotic build-up of "Shapeshifter." To find out more about Atala and their latest release "Shaman's Path Of The Serpent," please visit

Coming April 20th is the new self-released album from Louisiana heavy metal band Boudain titled "Way Of The Hoof." It contains eight-songs, beginning with the classic, early metal, guitar riff-filled "Sleazy Feats." The alternative guitar buzz continues with "Neptune" into the stoner, doom metal appeal of "Coda." They pick the tempo up for the hard-edged grunge sound of "First Class," before locking into the classic Sabbath-like groove of "Disco Jimmy" as the song pushes toward the eight-minute mark. The album closes with a cover of Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla" as if it was being played at the wrong speed as the notes get stretched out on this doom metal version of the song. To find out more about Boudain and their latest release "Way Of The Hoof," please visit their Facebook page at

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