Thursday, March 31, 2016

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music Arriving From Rising Canadian & U.S. Bands

First from Montreal, Canada comes the latest release from black metal band Eohum titled "Ealdfaeder." The new five song release begins with the progressive metal feel of "Eurocide" as screams and quick, technical drumming take over the marching rhythm fueled by buzzsaw guitar riffs. The album's first single "Unmasking A World Of Deceit" is a hardcore, bash-in-your-skull metal as the band's energy is at an all-time high throughout this six-minute piece. The short, 30-minute album finishes with the quick-pace screams of "Ode To A Martyr" and the hardcore, nu-metal appeal of "Curative Undulations."

Next, from Vancouver, British Columbia comes the new album titled "Bloodlust" from death metal band The Mountain Man. Their new five-song EP begins with the chugging doom metal of "Backhand Of God," before exploding with the screams of the title-song "Bloodlust." The latest single from the album, "Open Graves" is a thunderous, head-banging juggernaut of power. The short EP closes with the aggressive tone of "Ghost" that will make your head spin.

From Kamloops, British Columbia comes the sophomore release titled "In Our Blood" from rockers The Decoys. Their sound reflects the honest tones of Neil Young and Tom Petty, with a youthful, hunger for success. Their new ten-song release begins with the raw, punk-like attitude of "Don't Hesitate," before bashing away to the seventies-style rock groove of "Not Right Now." They slow the tempo down for the country-rock appeal of "Wasting Your Time," while "Alibi" has The Heartbreakers influence all over its classic rock sound. The album finishes with a return to the punk-like energy of "Crossed The Line" and the seven-minute intense jam of "Don't Hang Me Up."

From Cambridge, Ontario comes the debut album titled "As The Crow Flies" from hard rockers A Rebel Few. The album was produced by Sterling Winfield (Pantera, Hellyeah) and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Rush, Aerosmith). It features nine speaker-shaking numbers that incorporate some of the greatest guitar riffs of the last five years. Beginning with "Born Again," the band hits the perfect power chords to grab your attention. Continuing with the intense rhythm of "Rebel Few" and the chugging guitars of "Dyin' Breed," A Rebel Few keep their foot on the gas. They close their new nine-song release with the Black Sabbath-like riff of "Bitter Man" and vicious attack of "Pure Revolution."

From Montreal, Canada comes the self-titled, debut album from power metal band Demise Of The Crown. Their new seven-song release hits you with a blast of energy right from the opening riffs of "We Are Invincible." They quicken the pace and let out the screams for "Human Denial," before showcasing their instrumental skills on the intense build-up of "Don't Worry." The album finishes with the mainstream power metal appeal of "Cold Dead Eyes" and the grand feel of "Eons." 

Finally from North Carolina comes the symphonic extreme metal band Rapheumets Well with their latest album "The Exile." It features eight pieces of hardcore heavy metal, wrapped up with a symphony of classical orchestration. Beginning with the "Resurrecting The Blood Gate" the sounds of classical strings gets overtaken by the intense delivery of drums, vocals and guitars. The stark piano introduction of "The Blight of Sotath Shal" is given a shot of adrenaline with the speed and force of the band's hardcore metal attack. The thunderous march of "Crucible Of Titans" and the epic, prog-metal appeal of "Resurgence" showcases the amazing depth in this band's musical repertoire. To find out more about all these bands and many other heavy metal acts, please visit

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