Friday, March 25, 2016

CD Review: New Metal Blade Records Releases From Amon Amarth, Mother Feather, Artillery, Accuser And Criminal

One of the premier Viking/Death Metal bands around is Amon Amarth and they will return with their tenth studio album titled "Jomsviking." Since their beginnings back in Sweden back in 1992, their mythological lyrics and hardcore music have amassed a huge following in the heavy metal community. Their last three studio albums cracked the Top 50 on the US album charts, as they look to continue their success with this latest release. The band continue to establish themselves as a juggernaut with the thunderous drumming and growling vocals of "First Kill" and the chugging guitars of "Wanderer." They pick up the pace for the quick-attack of "On The Sea Of Blood" as guitars come out blazing for the classic metal groove of "Raise Your Horns." Amon Amarth add a thrash metal pace to "At Dawns First Light," before inviting fellow European metal artist Doro Pesch to lend her vocals to "A Dream That Cannot Be." The album finishes with the band mixing tempos on the seven-minute closer "Back On Northern Shores." To find out more about Amon Amarth and their latest release "Jomsviking," please visit

The alternate rock band Mother Feather recently released their Metal Blade Records self-titled, full-length debut album and are one of the premier acts on this summer's Vans Warped Tour. Their new ten-song release is made up of their 2011 and 2013 independent EPs along with two brand new tracks. Their sound combines the garage rock buzz of "Living, Breathing" with the early post-punk Blondie feel of "Mirror" to create what has been a dominating force against "cock rock." The first new track "Natural Disaster" has a bluesy, Sabbath-like rhythm as Mother Feather keep it simple, yet powerful. Their early pop sound comes through on "Beach House," which carries over into their other new song "The Power." The album closes with the post-punk energy of "Egyptology." To find out more about Mother Feather and their latest self-titled release, please visit

From Copenhagen comes the latest release from the heavy metal band Artillery titled "Penalty By Perception." It is the band's seventh studio album since starting out almost 35 years ago. Fans have eagerly awaited its release over the course of the last two years, but this new eleven-track album will not disappoint any fans and will continue to draw in new ones. Beginning with "In Defiance Of Conformity," Artillery have kept their heavy metal sound close to their heart as they keep the same formula of melodic singing and energetic rhythms that has built them a strong following. Iconic metal guitar riffs fill "Live By The Scythe," while "Mercy Of Ignorance" comes through quick and heavy with it's thunderous rhythm. Artillery turn "When The Magic Is Gone" into an epic, progressive metal number that brings in elements of Yes, Rush and Dio to create this iconic song. The album finishes with the guitar frenzy of "Deity Machine" and the adrenaline-fueled "Welcome To The Mindfactory." To find out more about Artillery and their latest release "Penalty By Perception," please visit their Facebook page at

From Germany comes the established hardcore death metal band Accuser with their latest release "The Forlorn Divide." Having released four internationally acclaimed metal albums between 1989 and 1995, Accuser broke up in 1996. They reunited in 2008, releasing the album "Agitation" in 2010, showcasing the band's new sound, inspired by Bay Area thrash metal bands. After celebrating their 25 anniversary as a band, Accuser are ready to regain their international metal dominance with their new ten-song release. Beginning with the short, "Predawn" classical guitar instrumental, Accuser attacks your eardrums with the shear force of "Lust For Vengeance." Guitars come out blazing for the six-minute hardcore journey of "Unreal Perception" and the pounding drums motor through "Arbitrary Law" on there way to "Impending Doom." The band's love for thrash metal is highlighted in the fast-paced "Fifth Column," before closing with the six-minute riff-fueled "Flow Of Dying." To find out more about Accuser and their latest release "The Forlorn Divide," please visit

From the U.K. comes the latest album from Criminal titled "Fear Itself." The band is celebrating 25 years together as one of Chile's premier thrash metal pioneers, finding success early with heavy rotation on MTV Latino and selling hundreds of thousands of their early records. After relocating to the U.K. in 2001, Criminal has consistently put out quality heavy metal albums. Their latest twelve-track release starts out with the thunderous attack of "Down Driven" and the fast-paced, neck-breaking speed of "Shock Doctrine." They keep pouring on the assault with the chugging guitars of "The Needle And Knife" and "Summoning The Apocalypse" will shake the foundation of thrash metal, with its prog-metal feel. The album finishes up with the aggressive screams of "Deep In The Rot" and "Carne Molida" sung in their native language. To find out more about Criminal and their latest release "Fear Itself," please visit

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