Wednesday, March 9, 2016

CD Review: New Music Arriving From Moustache Prawn, Martin Bramah And Karen Haglof

From Italy comes the three-piece band Moustache Prawn with their second full-length album titled "Erebus." The new release is considered a concept album about the fantasy tale that covers environmental issues and animal rights. The new thirteen-song release, begins with the quick one-minute acoustic instrumental "Kerguelen," which leads into the bands iconic alternative/pop sound of "Something Is Growing." Moustache Prawn expand upon their sound with the grunge-like appeal of "Animals," while "Eating Plants" has a gentle folk-like quality. They use the marching rhythm of "Mountaintop" to get the energy pumping, before closing with the bass driven rocker "Waterquake" and the gentle Phish-like flow of "Natural Habitat." To find out more about Moustache Prawn and their latest release "Erebus," please visit

British singer/songwriter Martin Bramah has a busy year ahead of him. He recently released his latest solo album titled "The Battle Of Twisted Heel," along with a new studio album from The Blue Orchids, the band he started after leaving The Fall. His new solo release was recorded over two sessions, and features some of Bramah's best songwriting. The acoustic protest-folk delivery of "The Fall Of Great Britian," sets the stage for Bramah to lay out all his ideas in these acoustic, demo-like form. He falls into perfect form for "Stone Tumbling Stream," which is more powerful in this raw form than what any band would add to it. He strums a love song for "Lucybel" as it feels like a work in progress, while the alternate mix of "Strangely Lucid" sounds like it came from the Lou Reed songbook. His new eleven-song solo release closes with the folk/rock appeal of "Green Rocky Road" and the up-tempo pop mix of "Necessity." To find out more about Martin Bramah, please visit

Singer/songwriter Karen Haglof celebrated turning 60, by creating a new album titled "Perseverance And Grace," which will be released on April 22nd. This album is the follow-up to her critically acclaimed debut album "Western Holiday." Karen stated she wanted to get back to playing guitar, which she definitely does on this set of twelve rockers. Beginning with the acoustic country swing of "Cowgirl Clothes" and "Trouble (Won't Say More)," you'd thing she was a classic country artist, but Karen has trick up her sleeve. When she plugs in for the title-song, "Perseverance And Grace," she is all business on the guitar as she leaves the country sounds behind for this alternative-type rocker. She keeps the energy flowing with the southern slide guitar boogie of "Tornado (Through The Bottleneck)," before returning to the folk/rock appeal of "Cobwebs." She finishes the album with the intense, thunderous rock of "Hair Bite," the gentle flow of "Seesaw" and light-hearted, relaxed feel of "Cool Down." To find out more about Karen Haglof and her latest release "Perseverance And Grace," please visit

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