Tuesday, March 15, 2016

CD Review: New Music From The Raptor Trail, Colours And Desert Mountain Tribe

From North Carolina comes the sophomore release titled "New World" from the progressive-rock trio The Raptor Trail. They have expanded their sound, pushing most of the twelve-tracks past the six-minute mark, turning this into 78-minutes of great musicianship. Beginning with "Four Times," things get off to a hard rock start with vocalist Matt Mayes taking the lead on this track. Their sound get more relaxed on the jammy sounds of "Whoville," while the nearly nine-minute "Going To Dublin" has a fresh, aggressive feel that has The Raptor Trail heading in the right musical direction. They continue with the atmospheric beginning of "Let It Go" as they try their best to sound like classic Pink Floyd, while "New World" builds-up to this great bluesy guitar solo as the band comes together in union. The album finishes up with the southern groove of "Blue Highway" and the gentle, acoustic strumming of "Grace." To find out more about The Raptor Trail and their latest release "New World," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/theraptortrail.

From Florida comes the electronic pop duo Colours with their debut album "Ivory." It was released on February 26th through Victory Records and features eleven-tracks of hot rhythms, swift beats and blazing vocals. The album begins with their latest single, "Lawless" which has a big chorus, full of energy. The first single released from the album, "Monster" is receiving praise on the radio with it's R&B infused vocals and ignited chorus that burns into you memory. The smooth vocals of Kyle Tamo are giving the spotlight on the ballad "The Unforgettable," while drummer Morgan Alley lets his talents fly on the rhythm-fueled "Gone." Colours go all out pop with the dancefloor beats of "Mind Games," then attack the industrial/electronic music of "Remember." The album closes with the quiet delivery of "Alone" that erupts into an emotional chorus. To find out more about Colours and their latest release "Ivory," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/coloursfl.

From London comes the debut release titled "Either That Or The Moon" from the psych-rock band Desert Mountain Tribe. It was released on March 11th through Metropolis Records. Their music has gathered airplay from the BBC and the new eleven-song release hits you with a wall of sound, beginning with the seven-minute "Feel The Light." The thunderous rhythm of "Take A Ride" and the blazing guitar riffs of "Runaway" show that this band means business and they have a strong hard rock appeal. The band's sixties psych-rock influence shines through on "Enos From Space," then they add a blast of grunge guitar to "Way Down" to give their music that raw, edgier sound. The album finishes up with "OC Dream," which carries a King of Leon-type vibe and the seven-minute prog-rock journey of "Leave It All Behind." To find out more about Desert Mountain Tribe and their latest release "Either That Or The Moon," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/desertmountaintribe.

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