Thursday, March 10, 2016

CD Review: New Music From The Relatives, Pet Sun, Standing Stripes, The Chewers, Delta Will

The '70s gospel/funk band The Relatives may have reached the end of the road with their latest album "Goodbye World." It features the last recordings of founding member and bandleader Rev. Gean West, who passed away during the recording of this album. The Relatives may be best known for their 1971 single "Don't Let Me Fall" and after disbanding in 1980, they regrouped in 2009 and recorded the album "The Electric World" in 2012. Their latest album features eight-songs that bring back that classic seventies funk sound, beginning with the smooth grooves of "Rational Culture/Testimony" that instantly transforms you back to that period of platform shoes and gold chains. Rev. Gean West gives an honest testimony and while he may have been close to death, he was still preaching as if more followers needed to be saved. The Relatives inject a whole lot of soul into "You Gotta Do Right" and their harmonizing during "He Never Sleeps" is just outstanding and is a lost art in today's new music. The album closes with the funk fueled "What You Say" and the doo-wop sounds of "Forgive Me Now (Songbird Goes Home)." To find out more about The Relatives and their latest release "Goodbye World," please visit

From Canada comes the new self-titled album from Pet Sun. The new eleven-song release hits you with a wall of sound, as the band comes bursting out of the gate with the grunge-like appeal of the opener "The Dawn." They showcases their influences with the rawness of "Never Quit" and "Web Of Man," which carries a classic early Kinks sound. Pet Sun slow down for the six-minute buzz of "Dark Planet" and deliver the soulful lyrics of "My Mind's A Sofa," before returning to the punk-like fury of "It's So Sweet." The album finishes with the acoustic strumming of "Free Season," which showcases the growth Pet Sun have with their music. To find out more about their latest release, please visit their Facebook page at

From New York comes the instrumental rock band Standing Stripes with their debut EP "We Don't Need These Silver Bullets." If features only four songs, beginning with the short build-up of "What Can We Leave Behind?," which leads into the full band putting on an energetic display with "We Don't Need These Silver Bullets." They work their way through "Forward And Abandoned," featuring some nice drum work, before gliding to a close with "Sherami." To find out more about Standing Stripes and their latest release "We Don't Need These Silver Bullets," please visit their Facebook page at

From Nashville comes the new live album from avant-garde rockers The Chewers titled "Live at Exit/In." Last year, they released the studio album "Dead Dads" as their music has been compared to the experimental, alternative rock band Ween. The new live seven-song release begins with the tribal drumming of "Swamp Dog" as guitar solos are swirling around your head. They force their energy upon you with the chanting vocals of "Cyclicism" and use a hip-hop beat to have fun with the Beck-like sounds of "Jimmy Does The Shimmy." The album closes with the funk/rock delivery of "Burn It Down." To find out more about The Chewers and their latest release "Live At Exit/In," please visit their Facebook page at

From Toronto, Canada comes the debut album titled "Weathering" from the eclectic rock band Delta Will. The new eleven-song release begins with the synth-driven, atmospheric instrumental "Dawn Song." Their love for electronic beats flows into "We Were Born" as their modern pop sound has swirling rhythms and keyboard driven riffs. They develop the sound of "In The Fog" into a 80's pop gem, while the rhythm heaviness of "A Dream" has an addictive, modern, alternative rock sound that should catch the ear of college radio. The album finishes with the experimental sounds of "Hovering" and the gentle flow of the ballad "I Will Receive." To find out more about Delta Will and their latest release "Weathering," please visit

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